Cozy cabin in the mountains

Although it looks like part of a fairytale landscape, this house is as real as it is fantastical. It was built in the middle of nature, in a way that blends in perfectly with the surroundings: with an alpine roof like the mountains and a wooden exterior, like the poplar forest trees around it.

In its design, it combines modern and rustic styles, managing to make possible the dream of many people who want to live in a natural environment, without giving up comfort.

The cabin, located in “the mountains of Judith” in Montana (United States), is located in a total area of ​​113 acres; and it was made from another that already existed in that same place.

Its design stands out for having a large balcony with windows that completely surround the house and allow you to appreciate the views up and down the valley; which gives the sensation of being suspended in the air, above a mattress of wild flowers.

At the same time, it has large openings and windows to make the most of the fresh air of the forest and the sunlight.

Inside, everything is designed according to a simple and cozy style. On the ground floor, the cabin has a kitchen, a bathroom and a room; and, on the upper level, there is also another room with a six-foot skylight in the ceiling to make the most of natural light and warmth.

But in addition to being very nice and cozy, this cabin was built with recycled materials, such as the metal roof, which was obtained from a demolished barn.

Also, in terms of energy, it is powered by two photovoltaic panels that provide electricity to the plugs, lights and the water pump; and it also has a composting toilet.

Without a doubt, all these characteristics make this cabin a cozy, ecological dream, and possible! Would you like to spend your next vacation in it?