Cotton technique in the navel to treat 7 ailments

The flu, stomach pain, menstrual cramps and fever seem to have little to do with each other. But there is a very simple homemade trick that ensures to cure them all.

It is a popular remedy transmitted by word of mouth; It is not scientifically proven but everyone is surprised with the results.

It simply consists of placing a damp cotton ball on the navel. Depending on the ailment you want to treat, the cotton will be moistened with a different substance.

How to treat ailments with the cotton trick in the navel?

1. Place a cotton pad soaked in 50% alcohol (and wrung out) on your navel to get rid of a fever, a cold, the flu, or a stuffy nose.

2. Apply almond oil to the navel to improve the appearance of the skin.

3. Apply coconut or olive oil on the navel to improve fertility.

4. Apply brandy to the navel with a cotton pad to treat menstrual cramps.

5. Apply lemon essential oil to your navel if you have blemishes on your face.

6. Apply neem oil to your navel to get rid of white spots on your face.

7. Apply chamomile cotton to the navel to treat stomach pain.

The navel and health

The navel can also give you signals about health problems you have or are genetically predisposed to. For example, a protruding navel is “herniated” in some way, so it indicates predisposition to hernias and tears. A sunken navel, on the other hand, can mean a tendency to retain fat. You can find out in this note what your navel says about your health.

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