Content marketing agency: what is it and when should you hire?

Creating relevant content on blogs or web pages to attract the interest of our target audience is called content marketing or content marketing.

It is very important to have a Content Marketing Agency specialized to analyze the best way to attract the attention and capture the interest of the buyer persona. The role played by these marketing agencies is of vital importance to position companies in the digital environment through a valuable content strategy that provides solutions to end customers.

This type of content is a great ally to successfully achieve objectives, reach the public to gain their trust and generate more humanized relationships between brand and customer.

What is a content marketing agency and how can it help you?

A content marketing agency is a company specialized in thinking and creating content of great value for the user, with the aim of attracting them, converting them into leads and then into valuable customers.

It will help you:

  • Get make your company relevant on the internet through content.
  • Improve statistics Of the brand.
  • Offer content for every moment of the conversion funnel.
  • Solve needsdoubts or problems of the lead.
  • Improve the relationship between community and companythe community understands the brand and the company can also know its audience better.
  • Reach more users, either through social networks or email marketing.
  • Publicize products or services of a company more quickly.
  • Differentiation among other brands, creating unique, authentic and different content.

What does a content marketing agency do?

A content agency is responsible for:

What should content be like to generate leads and position in search engines?

    • Long format: The content must have a minimum of 800-1000 words. Although if it is shorter nothing happens, the content should be as long as the response is necessary to help the user.

    • High quality.

    • Contents of interest and that they are articles with an informative nature and objective.

    • Without errors grammatical or spelling.

    • creatives, The more inspirational a format is, the more impact it generates on the user.

    • Updated, you must update your content over time. If you have done an analysis of 2022, you should do another one of 2023.

  • Professionals, You should always base your content on facts or reasoned data, not on rumors or speculation. If you can compare it with expert professionals, you will create better formats. Don’t forget to use your team’s own wisdom and knowledge! It will be what makes the difference with your content compared to the competition.

Most current types of content

There are different types of content that fit into a content marketing strategy such as:

  • Blog posts: Having a quality and updated blog allows you to share quality content with your community frequently, it will give us brand visibility, improve online presence and make it easier to connect with the audience.

  • Infographics: Nowadays it is a content that is booming, since they are very visual and viral. It is a good format to create useful content, quick to read and impactful for the reader. They are normally used to capture specific data or information on a topic.

  • Video marketing: a type of content on the rise. They can be created from short and viral videos for social networks such as TikTok or Instagram, to longer videos with more content for YouTube or other platforms.

  • Email marketing: This technique is based on sending a large volume of emails to a list of contacts. Emailing is one of the most effective ways to prepare the ground for potential customers and build loyalty among existing ones through newsletters. In addition, it is a quick, efficient and fairly economical technique to promote and publicize the brand’s new content. The secret is to segment the database well and hyperpersonalize the content.

  • Ebooks: one of the best ways to get leads. It is a type of premium content that requires a long time to prepare, but it works very well for generating records and that the user values ​​very positively.

  • Webinar: create streaming courses or conferences to show knowledge and obtain greater loyalty from our leads and generate new subscribers.

  • Podcast: Being in audio format, it allows the user to listen to valuable content in a simple and dynamic way. It is a rising trend.

When should you hire a content marketing agency?

Now you know what type of content content marketing agencies generate and what objective they pursue, but when should you hire one? An agency of this type tries from the beginning to work hand in hand with you to Develop a voice and style that suits your brand. In addition, the agency’s content delivery is presented on time, without errors and with high quality. Content agencies are also in charge of searching for topics of interest to your users, this way your company does not have to spend time searching for it.

The editors of this type of agency know the subject, they understand the industry, technology, companies and, above all, the user. They also have the ability to adapt perfectly to your company; with a variety of extensions, themes, formats and very different styles such as a podcast or an infographic. Not only do they have the ability to transform a lot of information into valuable content in a dynamic and understandable way, but they also have SEO experience and knowledge to position your content on Google and they know how to align this entire content strategy with the company’s general marketing plan.