Contact your quantum double that lives in another dimension

Jean Pierre Garnier Malet is a French physicist with a doctorate in fluid mechanics who challenged traditional science by developing the time doubling theory. This explains that there is no real division of time into past, present and future and that you inhabit those times simultaneously and multidimensionally.

The scientist claims that you live in two different types of time: what you consider “real” time and quantum, which is the time of the infinite possibilities that exist at the same time. This has its explanation in the duality of matter that is, at the same time, body and energy. The matter body, as you know it, moves at certain times. The energy body, due to its undulating capacity, moves in others infinitely faster and imperceptible to consciousness.

Your energetic part is the one that can travel at the speed of light between the different perceptions of time. Garniet Malet called him the quantum double: the “you” that inhabits a different dimension which you meet.

Deep sleep is the best time to contact your quantum double.

With your thoughts you create potential realities: you constantly send signals to your quantum double, even if you are not aware of it, since your “double” absorbs all the information of your different states.

If you can send your “self” that inhabits the “future” concrete information about your desires, you can help yourself to manifest in your physical reality the life you want.


There are many ways to contact your quantum double and everything will depend on you, your intuition and your creativity. It is essential that you do this just before entering paradoxical or paradoxical sleep, when you are sound asleep, since communication is open at that time.

These steps can help you:

1. Write your wishes and intentions. Sentences should be in the present tense and be affirmations, as if what you want to manifest is already happening. Describe in detail everything you want and pay special attention to how you will feel when that is part of your reality.

two. Provide exact coordinates: Write your first name, last name and date of birth.

3. Once you have that sheet, you must read it before bed for 40 days. This lapse is the temporal equivalence between your “material self” and your “energetic self”. You can keep the sheet under the pillow!

4. Every time you read it, thanks and ask your double to guide you to resolve your conflicts, heal your emotions and create the life you want.

5. A good idea is drink a glass of water after reading the messages for your quantum double, so the information is transmitted to all your cells.

6. Throughout this period, you must pay special attention to the answers of your double. They can appear in dreams, apparent coincidences or through other people. At the same time, you must let go and forget you of your requests, confident that the reality you wish to experience will manifest.



Alicia Galvan

My Plan Be