Construction manuals with eco-bricks

Ecobricks are an excellent option to reuse the plastic waste generated. These are plastic bottles that are filled with any type of plastic waste or aluminum foil and are used in construction. They are good thermal, acoustic and anti-seismic insulators. In these manuals you will find detailed instructions to make different constructions, such as benches, walls, eco bathrooms and even a house. In addition, they have information about the different types of bricks and coatings.Pura Vida Manual (PDF)Manual of the Austral University of Chile (PDF)

How to make an eco brick

  1. Wash and dry the bottle and save its cap.
  2. Fill it with plastic waste or aluminum foil, always clean and dry. If you have hard plastic containers, you can cut them into small pieces with scissors to make them fit more easily. Whenever you introduce something, compact it inside the bottle. Never use organic waste or batteries.
  3. When the bottle is well filled with the compacted material, close it.

Find here more information about houses built with eco-bricks

Sources: Ecoladrillos: A new option to reuse plastic waste

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