Confucius, thinker and teacher –

Confucius He was a philosopher from Qufu who lived between the years 551 and 479 BC; and despite the passing of the years, its influence continues today, permeating the Chinese culture, politics, education and thoughts.

In times when education was monopolized and controlled by feudal officials, limiting wisdom to the privileged sons of nobles; in times where poverty grew more and more and morality was more and more weak, this man appeared, who professed a philosophy that had no limits and did not discriminate social strata.

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Confucius was in charge of educating thousands of students regardless of their economic level: rich and poor they were influenced by those words of harmony and peace.

The base of his thoughts settled on respecting the most powerful in a different way: the family hierarchy (that children respect their parents) and the political hierarchy (Citizens must respect their leaders, but at the same time they must act honestly).

He also emphasized educating each student individually, instructing different guidelines according to the personality of each one of them, thus achieving a good spiritual balance and effective morale.

The philosopher professed his thoughts for various towns of Chinagathering several followers and disciples throughout his life.

are currently carried out confucian rituals, carried out as a religion. You can also find many temples dedicated to this thinker; among them the most important is in wow, Master’s city of birth.

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