Confirmed: cats recognize their name, but act distracted

A study has confirmed that cats do recognize their name. It is confirmed that they detect a sound that identifies them. They certainly understand when they are called, but they just act distracted.

Cats are different from dogs. It is enough to call a dog to come wagging its tail. A feline appears not to listen and even acts dismissive. Is it that they don’t understand? This has been thought for a long time, but apparently it is not.

The cats and their way of relating to their masters

These pets are actually hunters. When they are in the wild they are territorial and behave very forcefully. They do not allow other living things to appear in their domain.

In addition, the cat is by nature very independent. For this reason, it does not generate greater dependency ties with its owners. A dog, on the other hand, becomes dependent on his master. He requires it to get food and survive.

For its part, a pussycat does not have that same attitude. In reality, they consider their owners as part of their territory and tolerate them. It’s that simple!

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Japanese scholars have evaluated the mode of cat behavior

In Japan they have wanted to find out if cats really understand when they are called. In this way, a peculiar experiment was carried out published in the Scientific Reports magazine.

How was the experiment done? In this regard, we detail the information published in the magazine that we have just indicated:

-78 cats were used in homes or commercial premises, all domesticated.

– They repeated to each cat: its name, common names and the name of other cats with which it lived.

-Likewise, they made the pussycat’s name be said by his master and by other people.

– Cat reactions were examined: movement of head, tail and ears.

– What did they notice? Well, the cats had no reaction to hearing other people’s names. Instead, they would show some rattle or movement upon hearing their specific name.

From the above it can be deduced that cats do recognize a habitual sound to refer to them. However, they don’t always pay attention to it.

One of the favorite pets of humans

Since ancient Egyptian times, humans and cats have coexisted. It must be said that, many times, the cats reflect the personality of their owners. This is a conditioning factor of the experiment carried out.

Although they are not very expressive animals, they have been detected 5 gestures with which your cat tells you that he loves you. That is, they are not as unsympathetic as they say.

Are cats good pets? Well, many people adore them and take care of them at home. You have to understand its nature and not try to change it. That is the key to having a kitten as a pet. Also, they are adorable!



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