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If you are passionate about the world of ancient Egypt, or if you know some history but are not very into the material, you may have heard of some of the Egyptian gods. And we say well, “some of the Egyptian gods”, because in ancient Egypt a polytheistic religion was professed, for which they did not have a single god, unlike other religions such as, for example, the Christian, but they worshiped a good number of deities. Do you want to know them all? In this post, we will review the Complete list of the main gods of Egypt. We invite you to know what they are and to which area each of them belonged.

God Amun

Also known as Amun-Ra. He was considered the god of the sky and of all eternity and the representative god of the sun, which is why he is represented as a solar disk. He worked in conjunction with the sky goddess or goddess Mut and also with the protector of life or Khonsu. That is to say, they formed a triad and were worshiped especially in the city of Thebes. In addition, the god Amun was recognized as the god of constant renewal. Renewal, eternity sky and protection, made the God Amun be considered one of the most important and respected.

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Goddess Anukis

She was the goddess of life and waterfalls. She also called goddess Anouket. The most representative element of her was a crown of feathers that she always carried.

God Amset

A god with a human head who was in charge of guarding the cardinal points. He considered himself the representative of the South. In the company of the goddess Isis, he had the mission of protecting the vessel in which the liver of the deceased was deposited.

God Anubis

Another of the most famous Egyptian gods, and the one we usually recognize best when we saw an illustration from ancient Egypt. You will recognize it because it has the head of a jackal and because it guards the dead, although it not only protects them, but also acts as a judge beforehand to decide if they have behaved well during their lifetime and whether or not they deserve to enter the Beyond. and have that prosperous and rewarding life that awaits them on the other side. Given his mission, Anubis is called “Lord of the Dead”, although he is also called “Lord of the land of the West”.

God Apap

You may see him under the god name Apophis, as the Greeks knew him that way. The god Apap was the god of chaos and darkness. He was represented as a great serpent, because he associated him with evil.

God Apophis

As you have already seen, not all gods are good in Egypt, but there are also bad and fearsome gods. This is the case of the god Apophis, who was seen as a god of evil. He was the representative of the evil forces and hence he is drawn as a great snake or crocodile, since it was feared that he was a god who could destroy the universe. You will also find it under the name Apap.

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God Haroeris

Another heavenly god, brother of Osiris and Seth. This god is considered to be the perfect universe. He is not one of the best known gods, but it is also worth knowing that he is there among the list of ancient Egyptian gods.

God Aton

Pharaoh Amenophis IV adopted the god Aten during his reign, considering him the Only God. Hence this pharaoh was known as Akhenaten. The god Aton is represented as a sun, but very curious, because the rays of the sun god Aton were drawn in the form of hands.

God Atum

He is also related to the sun or to the god Ra, although unlike these, what the god Atum represents is dusk. It is said of Atum that he is a god who created himself. And the image that represents him is a double crown that he wears on his head.

Goddess Bastet

Goddess with the head of a cat who was in charge of protecting the pharaoh.

God Benu

He is a god who represents the ability to overcome and rise from his own ashes. A kind of phoenix for the Egyptians.

god bes

He is represented as a deformed god. However, for the Egyptians he was the god of marriage and pleasure.

Goddess Buto

Another serpent-shaped deity, although in this case he was in charge of protecting Lower Egypt.

God Duamutef

It represents the East, being the protector god of the cardinal points. He protects the glass where it is kept, in this case, the stomach of the deceased. He is another god who wears the head of a jackal.

God Geb

This god wears a goose or sometimes a swan on his head. He is the god of Earth.

God Hapi

The god Hapi represents Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. For this reason, he wears a crown made up of the most representative elements of both: a lotus flower and a papyrus. The image that characterizes him is that of a man with a woman’s chest.

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God Harmachus

One more form of the god Ra, since it is, in this case, the god Horus on the horizon.

God Harpocrates

The one known as the god Horus but as a child.

God Harsomtus

He is the son of the gods Hathor and Horus. Harsomtus is the god of fertility and creation.

Goddess Hathor

She is the goddess of the sky, creator of the world and protector of women. She is also the goddess of love and joy. Her father is the god Ra. She and she is known as the “great heavenly cow”, because for the Egyptians, the world was created or given birth to by a cow. Because of this, she is represented as a woman with the head of a cow, or with two horns.

Goddesses Harthors

These female deities were in charge of protecting the Parthians. With his intervention, the sex of the creature was also predicted.

Goddess Heh

The goddess of eternity. She is depicted as a frog.

Goddess Heket

Similar to the goddess Heh, she protects life from the moment it begins. She is represented as a frog, a symbol of water and immortality.

God Horus

The most important of the gods, not in vain was the king of Egypt, the Great God. He is the father of the guardians of the cardinal points and of the gods who are in charge of guarding the viscera of the deceased. He is depicted as a falcon or a falcon-headed man.

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