Christmas photos: Fill yourself with ideas!

Christmas has arrived. And with this article I bring you more than 50 Christmas photos to fill you with inspiration.

It is a time with a lot of photographic opportunities, so you have to prepare the equipment.

In addition to opening the doors of creativity and letting in fresh air.

That is why I have prepared this gallery. To fill you with Christmas ideas and inspiration.

It’s not about copying, or yes (if all you want is to practice and learn), but about being inspired.

And it is that I do not know of any musician who does not listen to music, nor of any writer who does not read books, just as I do not know of any photographer who does not soak up images.

If you are left wanting more, here are many more resources to photograph Christmas.

If you are more of lists, after the photos I leave you with a list of ideas to photograph at Christmas, so that you can make your own check list. Now… inspiration comes!

1. Christmas photos to fill you with inspiration

Here I leave you with the sample, some are very very typical, others not so much, take a good look, write down ideas, contribute your bit and put your dose of creativity.

You will surely end up with a lot of wonderful moments on your memory card, then don’t forget to print all those photos!

Christmas tree

A Christmas without a tree is like a garden without flowers, right?

The possibilities are endless, whole, just a detail, with or without gifts, with or without lights, as a background for portraits…

In addition, they are an opportunity to play with their lights or to take family portraits while placing the decoration.

Here are some examples, although you will find more ideas to photograph the tree.

Silhouettes with the lights of the tree Assembling the tree as a family The tree from new perspectives In the extreme foreground

Christmas photos with pets

Anyone who has a pet knows how important it is to the family. And at Christmas they were not going to be less.

Why not photograph how they live their Christmas?

Pets protagonists of a family Christmas

With costumes, playing with the tree or with the packages, running to greet the family that returns after a long time…

Dress up your pet. Guaranteed fun Add a note of humor

If you don’t know where to start, here are all our tips for photographing your pet.

The color red in Christmas photos

Red is the most predominant color at Christmas.

In case you did not know, in addition to its meaning and what it represents on these dates, this color attracts all eyes in an image.

If you include it in your frame, it will be the immediate protagonist.

tree decoration

Learn about color and composition in photography with this mega guide.


Christmas is flooded with lights, in the streets, in the houses, the shops.

It is an explosion of light that you cannot miss.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Christmas lights, but if you’re in doubt about how to photograph them correctly, here’s our mega guide on lighting in photography, with tips, tricks and loads of ideas.

Christmas photos with bokeh

Bokeh photos are usually very successful, that’s how they are, they attract attention and bring a lot of warmth to the scene.

Christmas Tree with Bokeh

candles and flares

And what about the candles? , or the flares?

They are also very typical of Christmas and they look great in the photos, in addition, they serve to learn to photograph in Manual Mode.

In these examples, candles and flares are combined with bokeh, cool, right?

Candlelight Sparklers with Bokeh

light painting

And for those who like to experiment and take creative photos, the light painting is a super interesting photographic technique, both for practice photographylike to have fun.

Here are a couple of examples. With the light painting the limits are only in your imagination.

night portraits

The good thing about everything being full of lights is that it creates an ideal setting for night portraits.

Both at home and on the street. Have you ever tried them? If you dare to delve into portrait photography, do not miss this mega guide.

Illuminate your portraits with Christmas lights


And since we have talked about portraits, let’s continue, because there are many types of portraits that you can do at Christmas, beyond all the game that the lights can give you.

On the street, at home, with costumes, with the family… let’s see some.

In the window With the pet On the street Under the snow A classic Red-handed

family portraits

I am going to dedicate a space to family portraits (note that these also include friends, who are the family that one chooses, right?).

And it is that family portraits are a must of Christmas photos.

Each family has its style, there are those who bet on selfies, others on classic portraits, on fun, nostalgic ones… Anything goes.

What is not worth it is that the years go by and we lose this golden opportunity. In a few years you will end up regretting it.

Here I leave you with a few ideas, as you can see, portraits can be very different. Find your own style.

Friends Posing Outdoor Portrait Low Key Self Portrait Tree Posing Spontaneous Selfie Matching All


We enter the field of the kitchen.

And it is that this is another field that can give more game than you think.

Because it is not only gastronomic photography or sweets photography, but you can practice with product or still life photography, freeze movement (splashes, flour in suspension, etc.), capture smoke, photograph hands cooking, portray family moments and a long and so on.

And there are so many stories in it…

Surely if you close your eyes you will remember many pleasant moments with friends and family in a kitchen.

everyday moments

Christmas is also synonymous with holidays and spending more time at home. To enjoy the little things, everyday moments that relax us or make us happy.

Moments for which sometimes we do not take so much time, to enjoy them and/or to photograph them and we cannot forget the magic that resides in them even if we are not aware of it until the years go by and we look back.

Don’t let them pass you by…

Hide and document what is happening around you.


Children are the true protagonists of Christmas. The illusion, the magic, the innocence, everything that surrounds childhood at Christmas is really inspiring.

And now, some photos of children at Christmas that can inspire you.

The illusion of gifts It’s Santa! Snow, a safe bet In low key Placing the tree Matching Christmas pajamas

Photographing them has its own, but with this mega guide with tips and tricks for photographing children, there will be no photo that can resist you.


Nature can also be dressed for Christmas. An example is snow.

I know, there isn’t snow at Christmas everywhere. You don’t even have to go to the southern hemisphere. In my land we see snow in the movies, whatever the time it is 😜

But it is so typical and the snowy landscapes are sooooo beautiful, that if you are lucky enough to live or spend your Christmas holidays in a place with snow, you cannot stop photographing a landscape (in the link tips and tricks).

Just as there are animals that we associate with this season or typical Christmas plants.

Remember that green and red are both typical colors and complementary colors that create a very attractive photographic contrast.

In the snow, a doll cannot be missing Moose, reindeer… Snowy landscape Christmas plants Poinsettia

If you are more into nature photography, here are some ideas.

The street

Ah, right, right! That you are more into street photography or urban photography. Well, you’re in luck, do you know everything you can photograph on the street at Christmas?

Flea markets, Santa’s helpers, adorned shop windows, popular races, decorated doors and facades, lights here and there, outdoor Christmas trees, everyday street scenes but with a Christmas scent, etc., are all opportunities around you.

Christmas photos to sell online

Have you considered (or already do) the sell your photos online?

You can make a more impersonal session or thinking about what customers are looking for in photo banks, for example, shutterstock.

Images to congratulate the holidays, for online catalogs, to promote on social networks, etc.


Finally, I leave you with some creative or funny Christmas photos.

In the end, the trick is to try different styles and techniques, let your imagination run wild, experiment, try, fail, try again, break rules and have fun.

The rest comes by itself.

Imaginary worlds Nocturnal creativity Textures and double exposure Abstract Minimal The touch Playing with the mobile Storytelling or the art of telling stories

15 Christmas photo ideas to do this holiday season

And after all this dose of Christmas photos, I leave you with the promised list of photo ideas that you can do:

  1. The Christmas tree with the lights on
  2. Someone opening or receiving a gift
  3. The hug of a reunion
  4. A Christmas showcase with reflections in which different stories are seen
  5. Your pet dressed as Santa’s helper
  6. The family assembling the tree (and/or the Nativity scene)
  7. A family portrait (classic, funny, with the same pajamas…)
  8. all at the table
  9. In the kitchen (splashes, flour, hands kneading dough, smoke, etc.)
  10. An everyday or typical moment of your Christmas
  11. A night portrait with the lights in the background
  12. Candles and/or flares
  13. Walking through a Christmas market
  14. Bokeh with Christmas lights
  15. A low key portrait with the lights of the tree

They will seem repeated to the images in the gallery, but there are those who work better with a list.

If this is your case, do not forget to cross out (it gives you great pleasure, right?).

One last tip for your Christmas photos

If you are just starting out in photography and have been overwhelmed with so many ideas, stop and breathe.

You don’t have to take all these photos this Christmas. Pick a topic and dig deeper.

For example, what do you like more? The portrait? So immerse yourself in our portrait photography guide and dedicate yourself only to making Christmas portraits.

In groups, by day, by night, with lights, with or without a costume, to acquaintances or strangers of all kinds!

Within each photographic genre or each idea that I have given you, you have a lot of field to explore.

The portrait is an example, but it can be any other subject.

And now like this, I say goodbye hoping that these Christmas photos will fill you with…