Chris Pratt on criticism for a phrase in the networks

In a recent statement, Chris Pratt says that reactions to an Instagram post about his family brought him to tears. Apparently, there were sarcastic comments regarding a post he made for his wife.

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An unexpected and awkward situation

In social networks there is excessive freedom. This leads to some excesses, such as the case of people who openly bully or make comments that are too sensitive.. It is a reality that should not be hidden.

In addition, media people are more exposed to these situations. One case is that of actor Chris Patt, who has expressed his disagreement with comments they made in a phrase he made for his wife.

For years, the actor has been married to Katherine Schwarzenegger ― eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger ―, being a well-known couple. A while ago, there was an awkward situation on social media.

Chris Pratt with his current wife. Source: THE COUNTRY

The comments were made on an Instagram post

What happened? Well, in a post on this social network, the actor wrote a note telling his current wife the following: “I love you. I am very grateful for my wife: you have given me a beautiful and healthy daughter.”

That text written by Chris Pratt unleashed a wave of criticism and harsh claims. “What a despicable comment!” “I can’t believe Chris Pratt would thank him for a healthy daughter when her first child was born premature!”

It happens that the actor was first married to fellow actress Anna Faris. However, they divorced in 2017. They both had a son, named Jack, who was born premature: nine weeks early.

The little boy was born weighing just 2 kilograms. In addition, complications in childbirth caused him to have a stroke. As a consequence, the child has had vision and leg problems.

The actor remarried, this time to Katherine Schwarzenegger. In this new marriage he had a daughter, of whom he commented that she is grateful that she is “healthy”. From there derived the comments attacking and criticizing.

Anna Faris, Pratt’s first wife. Source: Independent in Spanish

What the actor has said about the matter

His words resonated with the public as a criticism or indirect to his ex-wife. The actor has said that he finds it unfair to put up with such comments, it was not his intention to cause them. He said the comments “made him cry.”

This story shows that the subject of social networks is delicate. In addition, the lives of people are very exposed on these platforms. Users often comment many times on measuring their words.

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What do you think about what happened? Was it a hint against her ex-wife? Is it okay that people think so freely about the lives of others?