Choose your favorite animals and discover how you look and how others do

We know that you love animals, and it is not for less. They may be wild or the best of companions, but they are part of nature and part of our world.

In addition, each animal has a particular way of being, so each one is truly unique.

For this reason, today we propose you to do a very simple personality test, which has them as protagonists. You must take a sheet of paper a pencil and start thinking about animals, or you can write it down on your mobile phone or whatever you have at hand. It is not the type of test in which you have to choose between some drawings, but you have to remember among all the animals that come to mind and choose according to the sensations they produce in you. Think carefully about your choice:

1. Your favorite animal
2. The animal you would like to have as a pet if you could.
3. Your second favorite animal.

You already have it? I know it’s hard… They’re all so cute!

When you have decided, go to the list that follows and discover:

1. Your favorite animal represents who you are.
2. The animal you would like to have as a pet describes how others see you.
3. Your second favorite animal describes how you see yourself.

Clever? Look at the results:


A very confident, cheerful and fun person, wanting to do new things all the time. Very clever, and sometimes a bit tricky.


Someone very mental, nocturnal and independent, without hurry. You move freely through life, but can be very demanding.


Very loyal and humble, he puts friendship above all else. Protective, although submissive when he corresponds. Brave and territorial.


A shy and simple person, but highly reliable. That he works tirelessly although he never flaunts it because he is very modest.


Someone protective and dreamy. Very territorial and meditative, also somewhat quiet.


A quick, impulsive person, a little nervous. But very humble, he never tries to stand out, he always works in silence. Very clever.


Someone very sure of himself, but calm. He does not seek to impose himself, but sometimes he does. Tenacious, he never gives up until he gets what he wants and he never forgets.


Strong and patient, they are very confident and know their strengths and weaknesses. He likes to be with family, and he is very calm as long as they don’t touch his own.


Astute, very agile of mind. A person who has good taste, and is very cerebral: he never does something without first calculating it in detail. Organized.


He is very talented, creative and a bit eccentric. He likes to be the life of the party, and he is always innovating. A great artist.


Very fair and generous, does not tolerate abuse and privilege. He is innocent, and that makes him too gullible. Very friendly and honest.


A very sociable person, who likes to find the balance between adventure and tranquility. Kind and protective. Very sociable although he never talks too much.


A very idealistic person, committed to his ideals. She is very tenacious and can be a bit of an egomaniac. He is a free soul and lives by his own rules.


Someone powerful, where he is he becomes the authority. He is very active, and a bit enigmatic: it is difficult to know what he thinks. He prefers solitude.


Gentle and compassionate, he is a person characterized by his simplicity. He likes spending time with family, and small pleasures. Always gentle.


An enigmatic person, very skillful and open, although sometimes he can get a little aggressive.


Observant and mysterious. He is carried away by instinct and spirit. He never loses his temper, and always does what he wants.


Someone with a lot of self-confidence, who manages to transmit to others. She becomes someone charming. Can be a bit vain, always elegant.


A great friend. A calm and nice person, who is always there when needed. Very trustworthy, as he is someone who is honest and orderly.


A patient person, who knows his limits, but never gives up: he just chooses the path very carefully. He has a lot of peace, he can get a bit monotonous.


He loves the fun, the noise, the party. He is someone who has no problem working hard when needed, but likes to enjoy his free time as well. Very familiar.


A very faithful, strong and powerful person. He sometimes appears submissive, but in reality he is a free spirit, he just avoids trouble. He is vigorous.


Someone simple, the only thing that interests him is freedom. Very positive and of great inner beauty