Choose a fortune cookie and discover its message for this moment in your life

When it comes to fortune cookies, it is not exactly the cookie that we want, but the message that it has inside to give us. And it is that these messages can tell us many interesting things about the future.

Choose a fortune cookie and discover its message for this moment in your life.

1. You must be patient

This message comes to you to tell you that life is perfect (so sometimes you can’t fully understand it) and that there are 3 virtues that make all goals and big dreams come true: persistence, positivity and patience.

Hundreds of situations occur every day, some happy and others that test your strength and desire to get ahead, the important thing is to remember that each situation that occurs in your life, no matter how simple it may seem, is preparing you for a moment that is to arrive For this reason, do not allow a situation to determine your attitude, but let your attitude and courage dictate the development of each situation.

Everything you sow you will soon reap. Keep advancing every day on the path of your greatest desires and living with the full confidence that life always generously rewards those who work every day with love, that you are the architect of your own destiny and that the best is yet to come.

2. It’s your time to be happy

This message comes into your life to tell you that it is your time: your time to allow yourself to be happy, to allow prosperity, joy, love and all good things to manifest in your world.

The universe always grants us what we firmly believe we deserve, so today the message for you is to invite you to remember how wonderful you are and how many good things you deserve in your life, so that all those good things begin to come true.

Remember that a small change in your belief system could transform your universe, so today, open your arms wide and decree that it is your time, that you accept all the good that the creative force is willing to give you and that in your life there is only room for love, kindness and prosperity.

3. Trust yourself

This message comes into your life to tell you trust yourself; for trust is strength by nature. It is natural that at times things get a little difficult, the important thing is to remember every day that your willpower is enormous, that you have great goals to achieve and that one of your greatest motivations is the people you love.

Where there is trust, willpower and desire for prosperity, miracles always happen; That is why your invitation for today is that you give God and the universe your plans and desires, so that in this way you can receive wisdom and strength to be able to carry them out. When you know what you want, you want it strongly enough and you believe in yourself, you will always find the path that leads to your purpose.

4. The time is now

This message comes into your life today to announce that we live in days of change. Everything that has happened so far happened because you had to learn, grow and become strong.

Now is the time to face the sun, trust that every day the best is yet to come and live your life with hope, because hope is the raw material of everything that is great, good and will make you happy.

It is time to resume those dreams that one day for various circumstances you left abandoned, it is time to be brave and work with love, because the universe always conspires in favor of those committed to achieving their greatest desires. Joy and illusion in every day: the moment is now.

5. You are a wise person

This message comes into your life today to remind you that you may not be responsible for everything that happens in your life, but you are responsible for the attitude you assume towards things that happen. Anger and anger are never good advisers. Remember that your nature is to be a wise person.

Take control of your life, your decisions and your reactions. Learn to face anger with love, stubbornness with good arguments and you will see how your days automatically become happier and your attitude towards life and people will improve radically, attracting to you only well-being, love and prosperity.

Calm: do not allow people to drag you into their storm, better draw them into your peace.

6. Strength to get ahead

This message comes into your life today to invite you to take stock: have you given your best in recent days? What you are doing today is going to get you where you want to be tomorrow. What can you do in your life to be the best version of yourself?

You are a person naturally created to do wonderful things and your destiny and your life is in your hands. For this reason define your purposes, fill yourself with strength, love and courage and move forward every day on the path of your dreams, because when you know what you want and you want it strongly enough, you will always find a way to achieve it. Strength, strength, strength, every day strength to keep going.