Chinese influencer was recorded eating a great white shark

Tizy is a young woman who has gained popularity in the digital universe due to her curious videos. As can be seen in her account, she shares her daily routine that, in fact, she adds likes to each publication in which she displays its exotic dishes.

On this occasion it was shown ingesting a white shark, which according to authorities could be in danger of extinction, in China. About, Was the material that was uploaded to the platform really accepted?

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The influencer who ate a crocodile and a giant golden salamander could go to jail

His community repudiated the fact! As if that were not enough, they denounced her for cooking and eating this animal. In this sense, the police investigation was carried out after several users requested that it be investigated.

“I bought it legally and I’m looking for a lawyer. These people were talking nonsense,” the girl told Sichuan Red Star News.

However, this event raised doubts among Internet users. Did you know that the video showed a notification alerting that the animal was “captive bred and edible”? It still remains to check the veracity of it!

“I have seen your videos before. They were scandalous. It also ate a crocodile and a giant golden salamander… It was extremely disturbing,” said a user on the Weibo site.

What can happen if the shark is found to be in danger of extinction? They announced that he would have to cover a large fine, or even go to jail.

Notably, Tizi’s popularity began on two well-known platforms in China: Douyin and Kuaishou. The truth is that with the passing of the hours, They deleted the videos due to the controversy.

Can you imagine how much the sentient being weighed? As they announced, the white shark that Tizi consumed was around 50 kilograms.

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Photo: Viral Video Screenshot

Here she is seen eating a grilled tail of the shark covered in pepper as she says:

“This is so delicious!”

Photo: Viral Video Screenshot

To conclude, it is worth reflecting on:

Is it necessary to show yourself on social networks consuming a carcass of an animal that is possibly in danger of extinction? What’s the point of mediating it?

what do you think?

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