Chilean clay oven construction

A good cooking option is the Chilean oven. This type of oven is very effective for cooking large amounts of food, since it is usually done with 200-liter sheet metal drums.General characteristicsSave time: Because the ecological oven does not cool down, the fire is permanently on while cooking.Save energy: Once it is heated, it is easy to maintain the temperature necessary to cook with a small fire, while the traditional clay oven needs a lot of wood to heat it every time it cools down.Very varied fuel: As the fire is not inside the oven, other things can be used besides firewood as fuel. You can use paper, cardboard, dry grass, some fruit peels, dry cooked rice, dry potato peel, vegetable boxes, pallets, dry leaves.Differences with the traditional clay oven: As seen in the image, the main characteristic of the ecological oven is that it has 2 chambers: one is the combustion chamber and the other is where the food to be cooked is placed. In this way, any kind of firewood or element that can be burned can be used, and the smoke will not come into contact with the food and there will be no problem with the cooking time either, since the ideal temperature can be maintained for as long as required. THE CONSTRUCTIONThe materials to build the oven are:

  • 200 liter sheet metal tank.
  • 200 common bricks, or adobes.
  • Shaken earth, sawdust and horse manure.
  • Iron to make the grill and the woodshed

We attach two sketches of plans so that the complete form is understood:Plan 1:Plan 2: Step-by-step video: Some sample models:More construction info: Hace-horno-tambor-chileno ovenbarro_tambor.html

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