Cheap SLR Cameras: Top 3 Recommendations 2022

Today’s article aims to update this article with three cheap reflex cameras. Very cheap. Why? The best SLR camera in the world is the one that meets the needs of the photographer who owns it. No more no less. It is therefore not the largest reflex camera (in another matter of life perhaps 😉 but in photography the size of the camera does not matter). It is not necessarily the most expensive. It is simply the camera that offers everything you are looking for in it, at the best possible price.

That is why today I would like to quickly approach three models of SLR cameras that are sweeping right now in comparisons and user opinions. They are cameras that, in my humble opinion, offer an excellent balance between performance and ease of use. Come on, the ideal SLR for any amateur photographer taking their first steps in photography.

These three cameras are made even more special by their price: none exceeds the barrier of 500 euros. There are 2,000 and 3,000 Euro SLRs, made primarily for a professional photographer looking for features that would be totally useless in a hobbyist context. Other SLRs, more normal, you can find them normally for a price of around 600 euros up to 800 easily.

This being the case, finding a good reflex camera, backed by hundreds of positive opinions from many photographers, and whose price does not even reach 500 euros, I think it is a point to take into account if you are, by chance, looking to buy or give away a reflex camera (more gifts for photographers in this guide).


3 magnificent cheap SLR cameras (for less than 500 euros)

Nikon D3500

My preference without a doubt among all the cheap SLR cameras. I never hid my fascination with Nikon. My first reflex camera was a Nikon D60 (which I still keep and use with special affection), I remember that at the time it cost me around 750 Euros. I bought it thinking I had found a real bargain. Yes it was, but technology evolves and so do prices.

Look, that D60 evolved into a D3000, which was replaced after a while by the D3100, and this one is renamed D3200, which in turn evolves into the D3300, and in turn into the D3400 to finish, by the moment, in the improved version: D3500. Every time Nikon changed its version and name, the camera received a good portion of additions, improvements and extra functions: megapixels, noise management in dark situations, connectivity, video recording.

If that Nikon D60 fascinated me at the time, what would a current amateur user say of a D3500? 😉 For those who are looking for the technical point: the D3500 comes equipped with 24 megapixels, light sensitivity (ISO) up to 25,600, a 3-inch screen with LiveView, advanced Full HD video functions, and a host of features that make it, to this day, my first recommendation for any amateur photographer.

For example, one button, this photograph was taken with a Nikon D3500.

As I write this the price of the Nikon D3500 on Amazon is €599.00

You can learn more about cameras from the Nikon catalog in this complete guide to the brand’s cameras and lenses.

Canon 2000D

One of the topics among amateur photographers is to buy a SLR to end up shooting in fully automatic mode (for which it is almost better to have kept a compact, or even a mobile camera).

If there is an SLR camera that fights this tendency to shoot in automatic mode, it is the Canon 2000D, also known as the EOS Rebel T7. Its creators equipped it with the Intelligent Scene mode with which you will only have to point and shoot until you overcome that fear of manual mode, a fear typical of the first days. You can also download the Canon Photo Guide app (iOS /Android)

The Canon 2000D is the improved version of its predecessors 1100D, 1200D and 1300D. It comes with a generous 24 megapixels, 9 focus points, a 7.5 cm LCD screen, Wi-Fi connection and one of the smallest and lightest bodies on the SLR camera market.

Believe me, the fact that a SLR has a small and light body is something that is greatly appreciated when you start to go out with it on your back or in a backpack during an excursion or photo day.

To learn more about the Canon 2000D, go through this article.

If you think this camera is too limited, I’ll leave you with a picture taken with it, so you can see that it is more capable than many may expect.

At this very moment you have it on Amazon for €529.00.

Canon 4000D


Price: N/A

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3 new since €685.211 2nd hand from €479.00

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There is still a cheaper camera than the previous one, also from Canon, if you found it hard to believe, you can check it out for yourself, it is the EOS 4000D.

A very cheap SLR camera also designed to start, successor to the Canon 1300D that we liked so much at the time. With its not insignificant 18MP, Bulb Mode, Wi-Fi connection, Full HD video recording, its Live View mode or its advice guide, it is a camera that will not disappoint you at all.

In fact, here I leave you with a photograph taken with this cheap SLR camera. Does it surprise you?

At this very moment you have it on Amazon for N/A.

If you still have any doubts about cheap cameras, it is because you have not seen this video:

I hope this article has been useful to you. Any of the three models that I have just recommended will make its owner a happy photographer. Have you tried any of them? Do you tell us your opinion? And if you know of someone in the process of buying a camera, I would appreciate it if you shared this article, in case it can be useful.

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