Celtic tattoos and their meaning

There are many legends and mythological scenes that hide behind a celtic symboleither because of its meaning or because of the interest that each form arouses.

The word Celtic It refers to the civilizations that shared the same language, Gaelic, and the same customs that spread through areas of Western Europe, such as Ireland or Great Britain, during the Iron Age.

The celtic tattoos they have a symbolism behind that makes them special. Many represent the protection of life, or the universe. Know what the meaning of each one is.

Celtic knot tattoos

The Celtic knot was considered, at the time, a powerful talisman of luck that was added to gifts as a symbol of good wishes for the sender. Each Celtic knot has a meaning based on the shape, the pattern they create and how complex they are.

The main Celtic knots that we can find in the form of tattoos are:

– The Celtic knot: symbolizes eternity, the cycle of uninterrupted life with infinite reincarnations. It is the most famous knot, since it represents love, the union between a couple.

– The triquetra or triquetra: it is a symbol represented with three interlocking elements. This knot has a double meaning. On the one hand, it represents the triple feminine divinity: maiden, mother and old woman. On the other, it is associated with life, death and rebirth.

– Quaternary Celtic knot: The knots that form this Celtic symbol have no beginning or end, therefore, it symbolizes the cyclical paths and the connection between nature and eternity.

– Knot of maternity: It is known as the Celtic mother’s knot and is made up of two hearts intertwined in a knot. It is the symbol of the family and represents the love between a mother, a father and a child.

Celtic cross tattoos

Celtic crosses have a primarily religious significance. As in the case of knots, the meaning varies depending on its shape. Formerly, they were used for commemorative purposes. In many cases, monasteries erected giant crosses as a symbol of identity.

The trisquel or triple spiral

The trisquel, also called trikele or trinacria, is a symbol formed by three spirals joined to the same central axis, creating the shape of a helix. 3 is the number that represents perfection and balance in Celtic culture. Like all symbols, the trisquel is polysemous. These are some of its meanings:

– Learning between the past, present and future.
– The balance between body, mind and spirit.
– The beginning and the end.
– Evolution and growth.
– Good luck, as it was used as a remedy against the evil eye.

The Tree of Life

It is one of the most famous tattoos of Celtic symbolism. This culture considered trees to be a sacred symbol. In this case, it symbolizes the essence of life, the connection between earth and sky, and good and evil.

celtic spiral

In Celtic culture, this spiral symbolizes immortality, eternal life, without beginning or end. It is one of the oldest symbols of that culture and is a most artistic and philosophical way of representing nature and the passage of time.

When it comes to getting the Celtic spiral tattoo, you should keep in mind that there are different shapes with different meanings:

– Simple Celtic spiral: represents the sun and everything it symbolizes; energy, growth, life, etc.

– Double Celtic spiral: symbolizes the duality of the world and nature; life and death, as well as the balance between opposites and how they complement each other.

– Triple Celtic Spiral: represents the eternal cycle of life and rebirth, as well as the resurrection of the dead. In fact, this type of spiral could be found in many tombs and is, once again, a reminder of the sacred number for this culture.

Wuivre, another of the most popular Celtic tattoos

It is represented by two serpents intertwined with each other and surrounded by a circle, and its meaning is the union and power of the earth, granting love and power to the one who wears it tattooed.

In Celtic culture, the serpent and the dragon were considered wild animals, since they could move through all the elements: air, water and earth.

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