Cats are able to distinguish good people from bad

Have you ever noticed that your cat was staring at nothing? Surely yes. There are those who believe that cats are capable of perceiving supernatural presences. Although this cannot be guaranteed 100%, one thing is certain: cats capture energy.

The very physiognomy of the animal already gives us the first guideline. Their whiskers or whiskers are not there for the sake of it. They actually function as radars that allow them feel things that we humans are incapable of perceiving.

This is why, for example, cats are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves from electrical appliances. They are also able to predict when a human is sick. This is because they detect tiny signals that we cannot identify.

Now, can you use that sensory ability to tell the good people from the bad ones? The answer is a resounding yes.

Cats and human energy

The truth is that even we, human beings, more than once manage to perceive the bad energy of a person. And that we are not even close to the most perceptive animals on the planet! Imagine then the power of felines.

Therefore, you should pay attention to how your cat acts with guests. Of course, it depends a lot on the animal’s personality, but if it clearly shows that it doesn’t want to get close to someone new or it gets goosebumps… Well, you should be careful with that person.

Of course, this does not always mean that he is a bad person. Many times it is that it comes too loaded with bad energies. Maybe it’s someone who lives in a very toxic environment and is giving off these bad vibes.

On the other hand, if the animal behaves naturally, it is probably because he feels confident. And if your kitty trusts a person, you should do the same, without a doubt.

They can also clean bad energy

In addition to distinguishing the energy of people, cats have another incredible quality: that of cleaning you of negative energies. It is that in fact, the pussycats absorb our bad vibes. Hasn’t it happened to you that when you’re sad, your cat seems to notice and stays by your side? Don’t you feel better after snuggling up with your pet after a long day at work?

Well, this is all because cats are great energy cleaners. But take advantage, because it is a quality that they are not giving away to just anyone, but rather they use it with their favorite humans.

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