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Are you passionate about the motor world? Are you a crack fixing cars? If you are thinking of studying mechanics courses, in Training we have all kinds of car mechanic courses. Discover in this blog all our specialized training in automotive mechanics.

What is a car mechanic?

a car mechanic is the professional who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of automobiles.

Indeed, the expert who is in charge of fixing your car. And for this, did you know that you have to study a Professional Training?

But it is that a specialized mechanic has twice as many opportunities in the labor market. And more, in a society, where the diesel car is gradually becoming obsolete. Do you want to study the car mechanic courses?

What will you find here?

What tasks does an auto mechanic perform?

To be a car mechanicit is necessary to know the general behavior of a car such as the engine and auxiliary systems, tires, chassis, bodywork, windshield, seats, dashboards, transmission systems, brakes…

Therefore, for this you will need specialized training. Among the tasks of a car and motorcycle mechanic, we find:

  • Review of vehicles in order to determine damage or breakdowns.
  • Preparation of a budget.
  • Performing minor bodywork and upholstery work.
  • Repair of defective and/or worn car parts (steering, differential, wheels…).
  • Maintenance of the car to carry out its periodic review (change the oil, the air in the wheels…).
  • Testing of components and systems, using electrical equipment such as compression gauges.
  • Inspection of cars, in order to guarantee safety (spark plugs, brakes, seat belts, steering systems…).

It should be noted that these functions will depend on the fault. And you, do you want to study one of our online masters in car mechanics? Take advantage and study our master’s degree in automobile mechanics and find your specialization with .

Specialized Masters in Car Mechanics

What professional opportunities do you have?

Do you want to study an online mechanics course? Have you done the FP in the automotive industry? If you want to be a specialized car mechanic, you can work in all these places:

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Car factory
  • automobile office
  • car dealer
  • Car competitions (Formula 1, Moto GPā€¦)

And you want to dedicate yourself to mechanics professionally? Are you a full-fledged handyman? Take advantage and study one of our ccar mechanic courses of Formation.

Specialized Postgraduate Courses in Car Mechanics