Candid Stories on Instagram: what it is and how it overshadows BeReal

In 2020, he was born BeRealthe platform that seemed to want recover the naturalness and reality that social networks had lost. But, as always happens when a competitor emerges, the leader steps up. In the case of Instagram, creating Candid Stories, its own version of BeReal to make the platform more spontaneous and fun. In this article we tell you what it is and what benefits it has in your content creation strategy.

First, a little context. What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social network that has the objective of its users create content that is truer and free of any type of editing. On the platform there is no possibility of retouching the photos that are uploaded and its dynamics are very particular. It is the one that notifies you when you can upload photos during the day, which you have to take at the moment and from the platform itself, without the possibility of uploading them from your saved files. In this way, the social network ensures that your content is as real as possible. In addition, you also have a period of time to upload the content, after which you will have to wait again.

Something original about BeReal is that the image you can upload combines both what your front and rear cameras capture simultaneously, thus creating a much more complete composition.

What is Candid Stories?

Candid Stories It is something very similar to what we have just explained, but in instagram. Consists in spontaneously publish a photograph with the same characteristics as BeReal. And just like on this platform, if you ignore the notification to upload content, you will not be able to see other people’s posts.

Candid Stories is found in the Stories section of Instagram, but it is not yet available to all users, as it is only active in certain locations. However, the platform is working so that, little by little, it reaches everyone.

In addition, the platform gives all profiles the opportunity to do so from the “Settings” section if they want to deactivate this function and continue using the social network with the same features as always. This way, the person will not receive the notification to upload Candid Stories on their device.

How to use Candid Stories as a brand or content creator

By its very nature, Candid Stories is a very interesting option to get closer to your followers and show them your most human and real side. False perfection, retouching and editing are not something negative as long as they are used in moderation, but the truth is that many users are tired of the dynamics that many companies and creators have taken on this social network and ask for a touch more. of reality. Candid Stories is the perfect feature to give it to them. As? You can show images of the company’s day-to-day life in which team members appear in their respective positions. Or you can also show behind the scenes in a shooting, for example.

With Candid Stories it is not about creating promotional content, but rather genuine content to increase the engagement of your account.

The other three new features of Instagram for 2023


In this case, Instagram has tried to get closer to the Twitter style by including a functionality with which You can post content of up to 60 characters that contains only text and emojis. This appears at the top of your inbox for 24 hours, just like Stories, and followers or friends you’ve decided can have access will be able to respond via DM (direct message).

With the Notes functionality, Meta has stated that its purpose is for people to connect in a more spontaneous and informal way.

Group functions

Group chats are a feature that Instagram created a long time ago and are very similar to WhatsApp groups. Thanks to these, different profiles can talk together via DM and share information. But the social network wanted to go further by creating what it called “group profiles”, something very similar to Facebook groups. In them, users can share publications and stories exclusively with users who join said profiles. In this way, when users share content through group profiles, it will be shared with its members and not with the user’s followers, so it will not appear on their profile, but on the group’s profile.

Another of the functionalities that the platform is working on is creating collaborative collections where users can save posts and host them in a collaborative folder to share interests.

Add Yours Update

Do you know this tool? Maybe not because of the name, but if I explain it to you, I’m sure you’ll know what we mean. It may sound more familiar to you if I say “Now you” or “Your turn”, the sticker that gives you the possibility of creating a thread of stories related to the image you initially upload. Instagram is thinking about adding a new functionality to this tool that consists of invite friends to participate in the thread. How about? For us it is a great idea that will surely encourage users to upload more content and share more of their daily lives.

Like Candid Stories, these three new features on the platform will gradually reach all parts of the world. So if it hasn’t arrived on your device yet, it’s a matter of time before it does.

As Meta has announced, helping users feel closer to each other is the objective they have pursued with the creation of all these new features. Will they get it?