Cancer: what are the most protective and harmful foods

According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH), this disease that can start anywhere in the body is characterized by the presence of cells that begin to divide without stopping and spread. This is why they can form masses called tumors.

These are malignant, that is, they can spread to nearby tissues or some cancer cells can break off and form new tumors far from the initial one.

To reduce the risk of developing at least one third of the most common cancers, it is recommended not to smoke, limit alcohol consumption, do regular exercise, and eat healthy. But, Are some foods more recommended than others? Meet them here.

according to the doctor Luciano Cassabmember of the Argentine Society of Mastology and Head of the Mastology Section of the Hospital Milstein , There are “protective” foods such as:

  • barley
  • The wheat
  • the cherries
  • The carrot
  • the nuts
  • Flax and sesame seeds
  • Olive oil, among others.

That they are “protective” means that help reduce the chances of getting some type of cancer.

In addition, the doctor recommends replacing refined cereals with whole grains, and increasing the consumption of legumes such as lentils and chickpeas.

On the contrary, there are also other foods that are more harmful or not recommended, such as fats and sugars. In this regard, the specialist points out: “Although neoplastic cells (those that give rise to tumors) use more glucose than normal cells, it has not been shown that the consumption of sugars increases the risk of developing cancer. But it is clear that a high caloric intake generates overweight and obesity would be directly related to the increased risk.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight, it is recommended to reduce the intake of creamy dairy products, hard cheeses and pastry creams.

In addition, red beef, pork and lamb increase the possibility of developing colon cancer, in addition to breast cancer.

Fast foods and processed meats such as cold cuts should also be avoided.

The key: healthy eating and good health habits reduce the risk of developing not only cancer, but also other diseases, and improve quality of life.

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