Calculate your Path of Life and know what your vibration is according to your date of birth

Among the key numbers that numerology provides us, one of them is called “path of life”, which is relatively easy to calculate and interpret. This is the number with which we were born, the one with which we arrived on Earth and that indicates our nature, what we really are.

If the vibrational frequencies that gives us this number are lived in a positive way, you will be able to reach your goals. It is your number and you must live it fully, but if you take it in a negative way you could have adverse reactions.

Calculate your “Path of Life”

The procedure is very simple.

1. You write your day, month and year of birth with numbers:

Example, December 12, 1950 would be: 12-12-1950

2. Add up all the numbers:


3. You also arrive at that result (21) by adding each element: 12+12+1950=1974 and then adding


Now that you have a number, in this case 21, you add it back to 21=2+1=3 and you already have the “Path of Life” since in numerology you are going to reduce all figures to a single digit, from 1 to 9.

What is the use of knowing your Path of Life?

When you already know your “Path of life”, you must interpret it.

Number 1: Your vibration is individuality

If your “Path of life” is one, you are a pioneer, original, creative, a leader. The best thing is that you are in something where you can direct.

You don’t like to take orders, you are ambitious but honest and have a good sense of humor. The 1 represents the determination, the will, what inspires things to exist.

It represents unity in the sense of what is unique and indivisible. 1 is the origin, it is self-sufficient since whether it is multiplied or divided by itself, it always remains at 1, which does not happen with any other number (1×1=1).

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: active, creative, pioneering, dynamic and innovative.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Lack of will, selfishness.

Negative personality aspects: Tyranny, abusing authority, wanting to control others, imposing their way of seeing life on everyone, intolerance, intransigence.

Number 2: Your vibration is cooperation

You work better with other people, you need company to be able to develop. Two is the principle of duality.

The two speaks to us of the feminine principle of receptivity, therefore, the characteristics of the 2 are those that are traditionally associated with the yin part, softness, sweetness and diplomacy.

They have a lot of social touch, family and home are very important. He is very interested in details. They are also versatile, they can adapt well to different circumstances, they have an objective view of reality.

The qualities in people of positive temperament: collaborative, sensitive, cooperative.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Shyness and being timid, susceptible and hypersensitive.

Negative personality aspects: Hypocrisy and deception, unjustified jealousy, emotional instability.

Number 3: Your vibration is “the pleasant”

The number of enthusiasm and pleasantness, the joy of living. It is considered the number of creativity because it is the result of the sum of 2 + 1, that is, the feminine receptive principle (yin) of 2 added to the masculine principle of 1 (yang) which combines the yin yang of the couple loving

It is usually associated with a sexual symbolism, since the male genital apparatus is made up of 3 parts, two equal and one different. The influence of three is on two levels: mental, which develops your effort on the plane of ideas, and social, which moves in the sphere of relationships, words and communication.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: Optimism, ability to make friends, creativity.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Talking without control, talkative and pretentious.

Negative Personality Aspect: Depression and pessimism, gossipy, messy, nosy.

Number 4: Your vibration is organization, practicality

The number of the organization, honesty, serious and worthy work, patience. You work perfectly with your hands and your mind. You are responsible to the fullest.

It is the number of solidity, but also of immobility, since only 4 points are enough to build the tetrahedron or three-sided pyramid, which is the simplest figure with three dimensions and is formed only by joining 4 points. You are thrifty and a builder. The foundation of family and society, the prop of everything.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: Patient, reliable, organized, honest and responsible.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: The type of people who are heavy, immobile, not very light, dense in their things.

Negative Personality Aspects: Disorganized and messy, rude, rude in speech, indelicate and careless.

Number 5: Your vibration is freedom

The number that represents the freedom of the human being, the digit that is halfway (1-2-3-4 5 6-7-8-9) in the center, can be versatile, changeable. They do not resist routine and are always on the move.

It is essential to be able to move, not have restrictions, express yourself without censorship. It is the number of the traveler, everything new fascinates and captures the imagination.

He likes to move forward even if he does not have a clear vision of the road, he is very bold. You seek freedom, and do not hesitate to reject the old to replace it with the new.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: Dynamism, freedom, a taste for change and renewal, freshness in relationships, open-mindedness.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Irresponsibility, instability, superficiality.

Negative Personality Aspects: Self-indulgence with lack of control, excess of pleasures, drugs or drink, cynicism.

Number 6: Your vibration is the responsibility

The number of selfless love, the one who was born to love and serve, like a teacher, always ready to go where required.
He loves harmony, tranquility and peace. It is the number of the home, the family, the house, it represents the father and the mother. It is a number of justice and always seeks balance. Seek harmony in the home through marriage or a stable relationship.
It is the first of the perfect numbers, since broken down into its multiples and added: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 it gives us itself and explains the continuous search for harmony and perfection of 6, of beauty as an expression of balance.

The qualities in people of positive temperament: helpful, responsible, loving, humanitarian.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: nosy, liar, manipulative, controlling.

Negative personality aspects: irresponsible, cantankerous, unstable, disorganized, selfish.

Number 7: Your vibration is wisdom, knowledge

He is the eternal seeker of knowledge, the lover of wisdom. He studies, he learns. Those who have the seven tend to be lonely, philosophical, thinkers. You feel the need to share your knowledge with others, you like to write.

Success comes through relentless pursuit. The seven is a mystery to others and they possess psychic and intuitive abilities. Self-confidence is great and they have a good memory. They have great analytical skills.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: Is observant, analytical, intuitive, investigative, reasonable, restrained

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Pessimism, excessive worry, is hypercritical, antisocial in the extreme.

Negative personality aspects: The destructive, self-destructive, false, pessimistic and defeatist impulse.

Number 8: Your vibration is one of achievement

It is the number of effort, success depends on work and determination. You have to fight a lot to take advantage of them. Nothing comes easy, what they possess is through hard work.

They do things in a big way, he is an excellent administrator and very good for the money, they have great aspirations. In numerology eight is related to karma, since in times when its influence is preponderant, the effects of past acts are received, which can be riches or on the contrary, with many economic blows.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: He is fair, capable of making important decisions, builder, hard-working and trustworthy.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Selfishness, cynicism, injustice, manipulation.

Negative Personality Aspects: Egocentrism, vindictive tendencies, ambitious and greedy.

Number 9: Your vibration is compassion

They come to higher knowledge and understanding, tolerance, fulfillment of life, total empathy. This is the number that indicates the great conquests of self-realization of all kinds, mental and spiritual, it marks the end of a phase of development and the beginning of a higher one, symbolized by the passage from units to tens since the next cycle is the one (10=1).

The Pythagorean Greek philosophers used to say of nine that it was the ocean in which numbers move. Whoever has this number will be able to achieve success in life, reap what he sows and be an example of compassion and love.

The qualities in people with a positive temperament: He is generous and inspiring, has a vocation for service, tolerant, respectful.

Neutral qualities that must be known to channel them properly: Lack of social tact, excessive pride, self-centeredness.

Aspects in people with a negative personality: Abusing knowledge, is disrespectful, unconcerned and sarcastic.