C-commerce, the strategy of SMEs and large companies

In an increasingly digital world, social networks and messaging applications have become a powerful channel for companies to strengthen ties with their customers and, at the same time, generate more sales.

It is one of the newest marketing strategies that is based on automated technology and artificial intelligence: conversational commerce, also known as c-commerce.

This tool is the communication system that businesses in any sector want to exploit to offer immediate attention, as well as to improve connection with your target audience through chatbots or voice interfaces.

Digital interaction is a very important tactic to attract customers

According to the ‘Industry Micro-Shifts’ research, commissioned by Facebook and prepared by Kantar Profiles, from May to August 2020, the proportion of consumers in Spain who used messaging services and voice assistants to interact with consumer goods companies and purchase products grew considerably.

43% of the people surveyed acknowledged having made a purchase through a messaging service for the first time in the last month and 20% claimed to have done so through a digital voice assistant.

In addition, the pronounced growth of conversational commerce yields surprising figures in the medium term: it is expected that in the next four years it will grow by more than 590% and that all chatbots represent 50% of the investment in this marketing strategy, according to the Juniper Research Agency.

“Conversational commerce places the consumer at the center of the business strategy, which allows for closer ties with the customer through a more humane treatment. In this way, and thanks to the automation of conversations, user needs are also intuited and resolved, and customer relations are optimized, which ultimately translates into a positive impact on the business as a result of an increase in sales” mentions Soledad Torres, Sales Director of Convertia, a digital marketing tech platform that combines process automation and artificial intelligence, strengthened with a team of experts to provide advice.

Customer service through AI tools and instant messaging allow you to increase sales and, when you consider that there are 15 billion mobile devices in use worldwide, this represents an essential opportunity for conversational commerce.

For this reason, c-commerce is so relevant for organizations, which thus take advantage of this large market of mobile users.

Likewise, essential to position a brand or generate more sales through conversational commerce, the interests of the target audience must first be identified, as well as the most used applications to interact and buy on the Internet.

Within everyone’s reach

Although it might seem like a tool that is only available to large companies, the advantage of conversational commerce is that it can be added to the business strategies of SMEs without the need to make a large investment.

“C-commerce is presented as an ideal alternative when the public has doubts about an online purchase, and before they abandon the cart or give up their purchase, we help them so they can finish it” adds Soledad Torres, “we automate many repetitive actions that the agents carry out every day, the client is helped throughout the purchase process, in addition, the user will always have the option of being able to speak with an operator if their claim or query was not resolved by the bot”, the Sales Director concludes. of Convertia.

Likewise, thanks to the incorporation of a c-commerce platform, small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to streamline communication with their customers, creating greater trust and personalizing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another of the benefits of conversational commerce, in addition to strengthening the relationship with customers, is the possibility of position a brandthanks to continuous communication so that it occupies an important place in the minds of consumers.

Undoubtedly, with the implementation of conversational commerce, a more humane treatment is established with the desired target, increasing engagement through a more efficient service that provides quick solutions to the needs of today’s customers.

In short, it improves the customer’s Customer Experience by at least 30%, automates 90% of CRM and marketing processes, such as emails, SMS and WhatsApp, and is 100% measurable in real time.

In addition, it significantly resolves interactions automatically, as well as offers the best support to customers anytime, anywhere.

About Convertia

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