Buddhist story that will help you stop thinking so much

Buddhism is a path of transformation, both individually and socially. Its teachings and practices can be developed by anyone who seeks to deepen their awareness, wisdom and kindness, and enjoy their life from love and constant learning.

In this sense, stories are an interesting way to immerse oneself in the teachings of Buddhism, since they allow us to understand some of its principles in a more entertaining and sensitive way.

In this note you will be able to learn a short story that will teach you something very important if you are one of those people who cannot stop thinking for a minute.

Legend has it that one day a very wise young man approached a teacher who was praying silently sitting on a mountain.

The young man was known in the town for the lucidity of his writings and the wisdom of his words. That afternoon, the young man was troubled by a doubt about the matter that he could not resolve. He had proposed several formulas and developed different theories that he had written in a notebook, in his own handwriting.

As if pressed by an urgency of life and death, the young man hurriedly approached the teachers; and without caring to interrupt his prayer, he said:

– Teacher, sage, guide… I have come to you so that you can help me solve this.

And without the teacher even opening his eyes, the young man began to indicate his formulas and graphs in his notebook, while he explained his problem.

Just when he finished speaking and stood for a few seconds looking at his interlocutor, the teacher opened his eyes. He watched him with serene eyes as the young man tried to catch his breath, and stood up. Then, without saying anything, he took the notebook and removed the written pages one by one until only the white ones were left.

The young man looked at him with astonishment and anger. And the teacher, understanding him well, told him:

– You have come to me in search of an answer but you have not yet been able to see that you have it in front of your eyes. Clear your mind focus on a blank piece of paper, quiet your heart. Only in silence will you find that answer you are looking for. Because it is in silence that the heart beats and not the murmur of the mind.

What do you think of this story?