Bored of being a millionaire, he moved to a desert island.

Most people and at some point in their lives have thought of going far away, of escaping from their daily routine and abandoning the present, but the truth is that few dare to leave everything and escape.

The truth is that David Glasheen, an Australian man, gathered all that desire and made it happen: he went to live on a desert island more than 20 years ago. He was a billionaire in the 80s and had a luxurious life in Sydney with his family. He was a broker and his fortune was close to 30 million dollars.

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In 1987, “Black Monday” plunged markets around the world, causing a disaster. That day, David lost about 7 million dollars. And then all his fortune.

Photo: Author unknown.

After separating from his wife, he met a Zimbabwean woman who became his girlfriend and proposed to live on an island far from the city. It was a great opportunity for someone who already had nothing at the time. Glasheen liked the idea, began to investigate and learned that it was possible to rent a piece of land on an island in the north of Australia, so he then rented a third of the surface of the island.

That life is to be expected to be without creature comforts, but the basics are covered. He doesn’t talk to anyone, since his girlfriend and son couldn’t stand it and went back to the city, so he sometimes feels lonely. But David assures that he feels more than good with his decision.

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The only visitors who pass through Restoration Island are boaters and some adventurers. It is in constant danger because it is surrounded by crocodiles, sharks and spiders.

Photo: Docastaway Desert Island Experiences/YouTube.

I want to die here. Where else could I do it? “It’s my paradise on earth.”

He only has the company of his dog Polly and before he was with a dog named Quasi, who died victim of a snake.

“I have learned a lot. Now I value what is important: honesty and respect.”

If you could, would you do the same as David?

Source: UPSOCL.