black background for photography

as much if you want buy a black background for your photos, as if you just want to download a plain black background or one with texture; learn to erase the background of an image or make your photos with a black background really black; you are in the right place.

I will answer all those questions (and many more) in this article.

Photos with a black background have something that hooks, an elegance, a mystery, a way of highlighting the center of interest like few others.

So open your eyes wide because I have prepared a super complete article for you to get some spectacular photos with black background.

  1. Black backgrounds to download
  2. Tips for buying a black background for photos
  3. How to make the background of your photos really black
  4. How to remove the background from an image online
  5. How to remove the background with Photoshop (easy)
  6. How to add a black background to a photo
  7. When to use a black background for your photos

Black backgrounds to download

Here is a selection of black backgrounds to download

To download any of these backgrounds, simply hover over the one you want, right-click on your mouse, and then click the “Save Image” option.

Voila! you already have your plain black background or you textured black background for whatever you need.

Tips for buying a black background for photos

When buying a background for photos, take a good look at:

  • The size: what do you need your fund for? Is it for full-length portraits or small product photography? Define your needs well and you will hit the right size.
  • The material with which it is made: You have washable fabrics made of natural fibers such as cotton or synthetic ones such as vinyl.
  • The support: they are normally designed to be clamped or held by a bar.
  • The price: You have a multitude of prices, from around €20 to around €100. They depend on the support, the size and the finishes.
    • At an affordable price and with tweezers you have options like thisor this one at a slightly higher price but with good opinions, washable and a good size. At a somewhat higher price you have this larger one.
    • The above are if you are looking for a background black smoothbut if what you are looking for are black backgrounds with different textures, you may be interested in thisEast West.
    • If you prefer to buy a basic background kit (black, white and green) you may be interested in this one here.

Hey, don’t you want to buy anything? No problem, here you can see how to make an infinity background for your product photos or similar.

Portrait with black background

How to make the background of your photos really black

Surely more than once you have tried to get photos with black background, TRUE?

You may have wanted to take a portrait or you have become fond of object photography, or even product photography (discover in this link the mega guide that we have prepared with tips and tricks).

And it is very possible, also, that after buying a brand-new black cardboard-cloth, you have placed your protagonist in front of it, you have taken the photo and you have realized that, in reality, that background that you see so, so black, in your image is not even remotely.

Dark gray maybe, but black, black, no.

And it’s a shame, because a black background It allows us to highlight and contrast the main subject, and it is very elegant, why do you want one?

Let’s see how to achieve this photographic technique and succeed 🙂 .

Getting the backgrounds to be really black is not always so obvious

Why can’t I get my background to be black in the image?

It is curious that having a black background you can’t capture it in your photo, right?

What basically happens when we can’t get it to be black is that the lighting of the foreground (main subject) and the background (background or ambient light) are not well differentiated.

That is, they are mainly too close to each other and end up mixing.

This can be for several reasons:

  • The foreground and background are too close.
  • The flash has too much power and ends up illuminating both planes.
  • In short, because the illuminations of both planes are too similar.

Controlling the different planes is important to achieve black backgrounds

Solutions and adjustments to get photos with a black background

To make your photos with a black background really look the way they should, here are a few solutions:

  • Move away from the main subject (foreground) From the bottom as much as you can, this way you will avoid that the flash illuminates it.
  • If you can’t zoom out the background or it still doesn’t appear black enough, try bring the light source closer to the main subject or foreground, so you will need less flash power to illuminate the foreground and consequently less light will reach the background.
  • close the diaphragm to have less ambient light and the main subject in focus (more depth of field). You will illuminate the main subject with the flash.
  • Reduce exposure time to turn off the background in your photo.
  • Use a low ISO valueso you will preserve a good image quality and have less ambient light.
  • RAW photography, in this way you can readjust or finish fine-tuning the adjustments you need to improve your image.

Ultimately, all efforts should be focused on darkening the background and brightening the foreground.

The greater the difference between one and the other, the darker the background will be in your photograph.

The key to achieving blacker backgrounds is to darken the background and lighten the foreground.

Necessary material to achieve photos with blacker backgrounds

These types of images are intended to work with flashsince controlling its brightness and intensity is easier than if we do it in another way.

However, it is possible to achieve this as long as you get enough difference in lighting between the foreground and background.

  • external flash: it is with which you will get better results, since you will be able to control the power or the directionality of the flash.
  • Integrated Flash: it does not allow you to control the directionality of the flash, so it will always be frontal.
  • Light source keep going: If you don’t have a flash, you can do it with a continuous light source like a table lamp or even a flashlight.
  • Dark background: Although it will help to achieve our purpose, it is not essential. Following the steps above and as long as you get enough difference between lights and shadows, you can get black backgrounds even with those that are not. Although all help is little, so if you have one, do not hesitate to use it.

Editing to achieve photos with a completely black background

If you have a good background base and you have achieved a good result in the original image, you will be able to finish perfecting your image in the edition with good results.

Depending on the image you can:

  • darken the shadows
  • increase black
  • Increase contrast
  • Make adjustments to the lights
  • Increase or reduce whites
  • retouch exposure
  • Adjust saturation

With a good base and a correct edition, you will achieve spectacular results


The main reason why, despite having a black background, we cannot capture it in our images, is because there is too much ambient light that reaches that background or, in other words, the light of the foreground in your photograph (which is the one we are interested in exposing correctly) and the second, they are too similar.

From this reflection, what we have to do is get the difference in light between the foreground and the second is high.

We will do this by trying to turn off the background, through the diaphragm opening (closing so that less light enters); speed (higher to allow less light to enter); separating the foreground from the background so that the flash does not illuminate it, or bringing the light source closer to the foreground (so that it does not illuminate the background either).

And remember, if there’s enough of a difference between the foreground and background light, you won’t even need a dark background to make it black.

I know it sounds strange, but when you do the test according to the parameters you will see how you get a wonderful black background even without it.

How to remove the background from an image online

Removing the background from a photograph can be a cumbersome task if you don’t master editing programs like Photoshop, but at the same time, these types of photos can be necessary for different businesses or products.

That is why I am going to leave you with this article where we explain how to remove the background of an image.

How to remove the background with Photoshop (easy)

If you want a quality result because you need to enlarge the image or because it is for a product job or similar, then the ideal is that you do this process in Photoshop.

It is very simple.

In the article of the link we indicate the steps to follow to remove a background in Photoshop very easily.

How to add a black background to a photo

In this video Mario explains how to add a background to an image in Photoshop step by step.

In it he talks about a white background, but it will serve you perfectly to add a black one, simply look for a plain black background either textured like the ones we have left you in the first section of this article and use them following the same steps.

If you have entered the worm to learn Photoshop, remember that we have a Photoshop Masterclass divided into two sessions (Initiation and Advanced) with countless tips and tricks.

Applications to put the black background to a photo from the mobile

If what you want is to change the background from your mobile phone, in this article on white backgrounds you will find a series of applications to erase and change the background from your smartphone.

When to use a black background in your photographs?

The photos with black background They are common in many fields, especially in the world of product photography, but they are also common in portraits:

Now that you’re flush with funds, maybe you suddenly wanted to see what your blank photo would look like?

Well, we have a specific article of white backgrounds that you are going to love.

I hope you have resolved any doubts you might have regarding the black background, whether you wanted to buy one, download it, achieve really black black backgrounds for your portraits or products, etc.

Whatever question this article has led you to, I hope it has been answered and that it encourages you to continue practicing your photography.

And you know, if you found it useful, I would appreciate it if you help us spread it.

Thank you very much and see you in the next article.