Biography of Val Kilmer –

Val Kilmer is perhaps one of the most popular actors in the 90s, but recently he has been in the news again since he could be going through a serious illness that puts his life at risk due to his religious beliefs. In Overstory we now tell you the biography of Val Kilmer and what happened to his illness.

Biography of Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer was born on December 31, 1959 in Los Angeles, California (USA). He is the son of Eugene Kilmer, who worked as a real estate agent, and Gladis Kilmer. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley. As a teenager I attended Chatsworth High School, where coincided with another young man who would eventually become a famous actor: Kevin Spacey.

He shows passion, and talent, for cinema from a young age and does not hesitate to train for it. He attends the Hollywood Professional School, being the youngest student admitted to the dramatic arts department of Julliard’s Drama Program, at only 16 years old and after having achieved a scholarship.

In 1988 he played “Hamlet” at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. After this first job he began to become known thanks to his performance in the play “Slab Boys”, which he performed on Broadway along with two other young, and still unknown actors, Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn.

In 1984 he made the leap to the big screen starring in the comedy “Top Secret” (1984), in which he played rock star Nick Rivers. He thus begins his fame in the 80s thanks to titles such as “School of Geniuses” (1985) by Martha Coolidge, “Top Gun” (1986) by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise; or “Willow” (1988), a film directed by Ron Howard and co-starring Joanne Whalley, with whom he ended up marrying in 1988.

At the beginning of the 90 Kilmer was already a star but he needed that role that would really allow him to show all his talent. In 1991 he got the opportunity to star in “The Doors” which earned him the desired prestige thanks to his performance as singer Jim Morrison.

After this work continues to appear in movies as “Tombstone: the legend of Wyatt Earp” (1993) by George Pan Cosmatos, along with Kurt Russell; Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever” (1995), with Tommy Lee Jones and Nicole Kidman, among others; “Heat” (1995) by Michael Mann, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacinoo; or “The Saint” (1995) by Phillip Noyce. In addition, he lends his voice to the character of Moses in “The Prince of Egypt.”

He’s popular and he makes money, but Kilmer could never be the star he was meant to be. At the beginning of the millennium it seems that his career is in decline after accepting less prominent roles in titles such as “Dirty Money” (2002); in the John Holmes biopic “Wonderland”; in “Disappearances” (2003) or “Mind Hunters” (2004).

In any case in 2004 he is recovered thanks to his participation in «Alexander the Great» tape starring Colin Farrell and that allowed him to return to work under the orders of Oliver Stone who had already directed him in The Doors.

In 2006 he could be seen in “Deja Vu” (2006), an action film with Denzel Washington as co-star. He also begins to write plays and co-wrote the play “How It All Began” for the Public Theater.

In addition to his acting career, there is that of producer with which he also debuted in 1983, with “Slab Boys” on Broadway, and participated in the production of “Henry IV, As You Like It” with Patti Lapone and played the leading role in « Hamlet.”

For HBO, he produced “The Man Who Broke a Thousand Chains,” which earned him a Cable ACE Award nomination. He has also shot documentaries and published poetry books.

In his personal life, he was married until 1996 to the British actress Joanne Walley. Together they had 2 children, Mercedes, born in 1991 and Jack, born in 1996.. Following the divorce, Kilmer dated model Cindy Crawford for some time. He is also said to have had affairs with Cher, Ellen Barkin and Drew Barrymore.

Val Kilmer’s disease

In recent years he has hardly been lavished, but the latest information that has come from him is that he would be suffering from throat cancer that he does not want to be treated for due to strong religious convictions.

Kilmer, now 55, belongs to the scientology Y believe in meditation and prayer as natural remedies against any disease.

It is said that his state of health is serious, that he could barely speak, but he has denied it. anyway days ago was seen a few days ago in a hospital Los Angeles, the UCLA Medical Center, which he accessed using the false name “Oscar Davis”.

This same week, this message written by himself appeared on his Facebook account: «HThere is a rumor that I am not well and that I am in the hospital, which is totally false. I only went to verify that I do not have a tumor or infection of any kind.either”. However, a friend has given a totally different version: the visit to the medical center was an emergency due to a hemorrhage in his throat, something similar to what happened to him some time ago.