Biography of Miguel Boyer –

Miguel Boyer, ex-minister of economy during the presidency of Felipe González and of whom we now give you a review in his biography, has passed away.

Biography of Miguel Boyer

Michael Boyer born on February 5, 1939 in the French town of Saint Jean de Luzwhere his lived family what had been exiled because of the civil war.

His father, José Boyer Ruiz-Beneyán, was a member of the Republican Left, a party close to Manuel Azaña, while on his mother’s side he comes from a family of liberal politicians from La Rioja, including his great-grandfather Amós Salvador Rodrigáñez and Tirso Rodrigáñez, and more distantly Sagasta, who were Ministers of Finance and Governors of the Bank of Spain, as well as Amós Salvador Carreras, son of Rodrigáñez, militant of the Republican Left and Minister of the Interior in the last government presided over by Manuel Azaña during the Second Republic (February-May 1936). ).

B.oyer studies in the French Lyceum of Madridgraduating in Economic and Physical Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, to later work as a professor at the School of Telecommunications Engineering.

Among the works carried out by Boyer were that of being in the Research Service of the Bank of Spain, in addition to being deputy director of the Research Service of the National Institute of Industry, until he was appointed director of the same in 1974 and was also director of Planning and Studies of the National Institute of Hydrocarbons in 1981.

His entry into the socialist party took place when he was very young, in the sixties, and his militancy was so active that he was even imprisoned, spending several months in Carabanchel. After going through the party executive he leaves it and does not return until 1979 when he is elected deputy in the legislative elections, for the province of Jaén.

It is appointed Minister of Economy, Finance and Commerce by Felipe González when he becomes president, and will he be in office from December 3, 1982 to July 6, 1985. Among his most outstanding actions is the expropriation of Rumasa, the Urban Leasing Law and the so-called Boyer Decree, which liberalized business hours and modified the Urban Leasing Law, transforming rental contracts, which until then could have a lifelong character. , in storms.

Also during his years as minister, he promoted a restrictive and stabilizing fiscal and monetary policy to combat inflation. His are remembered clashes with other colleagues such as Alfonso Guerra.

Once his activity as a minister ended, he dedicated himself to working for private companies and in managerial positions. He’s appointed president of the Banco Exterior de España in 1985, president of Cartera Central and vice president of FCC Construcción of the Development and Construction and Contracts Group (FCC). In In 1999 he was appointed president of the CLH Hydrocarbons Logistics Company, SA

As for his personal life, jumped to the pages of heart after marrying Isabel Preyslerex-wife of Julio Iglesias, in 1988 and with whom he had a daughter named Ana. The former minister also had othree children from a previous marriage.

The February 27, 2012 suffers a strokeand receives rehabilitation for several weeks at the Lescer Center in Madrid until he recovers from said injury with the ability to lead a normal life.

The On September 29, 2014, he died at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid due to a pulmonary embolism.