Biography of Jesus Hermida –

Jesús Hermida journalist who for more than 50 years narrated some of the most important events in history, such as the arrival of Man on the Moon, has died in Madrid at the age of 77 and for this reason we explain below, and detail, his biography.

Biography of Jesus Hermida

Jesus Hermida born on June 27, 1937 in Ayamonte, Huelva. It starts in the world of journalism through Catholic Action Weekly, Signo, at the Europa Press agency, after which he served as editor-in-chief of the Informaciones newspaper.

In 1967 he moved to New York where he began to work as a correspondent for TVEwork that he did for 11 years and that allowed him to narrate live the arrival of man on the Moon on July 21, 1969.

In 1978 he returns to Spain participating in several programs such as “Crónica 3” or “Su Turno”. He also hosted radio programs such as “La hora cero” or “Viva la gente”.

Between 1987 and 1989 he presented on TVE «In the morning», a magazine in which it also had the collaboration of women such as Maria Theresa Fields or those known as “Chicas Hermida”, among which they became known Nieves Herrero, Inma Soriano, Consuelo Berlanga or Miriam Díaz Aroca.

After passing through the public chain, Hermida signs for Antena 3, where in May 1992 he was appointed director. Twelve years later he joined Castile-La Mancha TV to present the second edition of the newsletter.

In 2006 he returned to TVE to present “The image of your life” and a special “Return to the Moon in 2209”. One of his last television appearances was in January 2013, when he interviewed King Juan Carlos on TVE on the occasion of the then king’s 75th birthday.

For her professional career, Hermida has received recognition such as three awards Onda, the Antena de Oro, the TP for best presenter, the Víctor de la Serna Award from the Madrid Press Association and the award for a lifetime, which was awarded to him by the Spanish Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, an organization of which he was the founder.

He was remarried to Begona Fernandezsince July 1999. In his first marriage to María Nieves (1960-1995) he had three children

Jesus Hermida dies

On Monday May 4, 2015 Jesus Hermida died at the age of 77 as a result of a stroke.

After making his death known, numerous colleagues dedicated a few words to him;

«It represented the modernization of Spanish television journalism»Manuel Campo Vidal, president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATV).

The Federation of Press Associations of Spain (FAPE) also lamented his death and described Hermida as a professional “it gave color to information” and made “history in the 20th century”. Its president, Elsa González, highlighted “personal ingenuity” with which Hermida was able to transmit historical moments to the audience: “She made information with personality, not as talking heads.”

The world of Spanish politics also fired him. The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Jose Ignacio Werthas described the loss of the journalist as “very sad news not only for his colleagues, for television professionals, but for all Spaniards.”

In a statement, the minister assured “he leaves an indelible memory”, a professional with a “very personal style”, “rigorous, serious and versatile”. Of Jesús Hermida, “many things will be remembered”, among which he mentions “some exclusive interviews such as the last two made to his Majesty King Juan Carlos I, on the occasion of his 75th birthday and for his abdication” .

I leave you the latest work as an interviewer of Jesús Hermida. He interviews King Juan Carlos on his 75th birthday.

Video of Jesus Hermida: