Biodecoding for obesity and everything you need to know

The number of diseases that we can suffer throughout life is immense. Our anatomy is made up of a set of systems that work in an interconnected way, without stopping. However, each of these systems can fail, present breakdowns, minor or serious problems, which are what cause us diseases.

Now, many of the diseases that can affect us come as a consequence of the emotional problems that we are dealing with or that we have experienced at some point. This relationship between both things is what biodecoding tries to explain and remedy.

Obesity is a condition that affects a large part of the population and that becomes more difficult to attack every day. This is a physical disorder that, without a doubt, is capable of affecting the physiology of the human body and its correct functionality. But for biodecoding specialists, overweight problems are linked to the mind and emotions.

Let’s find out together where this condition comes from, according to biodecoding. In addition to how we can disable it.

What is Biodecoding about?

Also called biological decoding, it is a therapy proposed by alternative medicine that does not seek to replace existing treatments, but rather to be a complement to them. It is responsible for seeking the metaphysical origin of diseases, that is, analyzing the person’s emotions in order to find where the condition arises and how to treat it.

Sometimes we go through unpleasant moments, which cause us stress, but we do not express it in any way. That is when a survival mechanism is activated in our brain, which adapts the body to the stress it suffers, making us sick.

According to biodecoding, all diseases have an emotional meaning and to define them it has its own dictionary. If we evaluate ourselves from this perspective, we will be able to notice how everything we feel and think is capable of having repercussions on our physical health.

Can emotions influence obesity?

Emotions can definitely have an influence on our body. As living beings, it is in our nature to try to survive. Reason why the body is constantly evolving, a fact that helps us adapt to every situation that comes our way.

When we go through negative emotional situations, such as love breakups, the loss of a loved one, being fired from a job, not achieving something for which we have worked hard, being victims of abuse, among other things, our spirits decline. These are events that make us feel emotionally bad.

But how does this affect our physical health? And even more, how can it influence our weight?

Biologically, the body recognizes two main factors for survival, which are fluid and fat; both participants in cellular respiration, energy generation and the functioning, in general, of systems. Our body stores these resources in order to survive if we do not have access to them.

Now, when we are emotionally unstable, our brain goes on alert. It sends signals to the rest of the organs that something is not in order. At this point, anxiety makes us eat a lot or not eat at all. For this reason, the body will respond by deploying resources, storing fat for safety.

The bad thing is that if we don’t get out of this emotional conflict, the fat is not burned. Failing that, it remains anchored and increases, until it becomes overweight or obese.

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

When the overweight problem is caused by emotional conflicts, the person can feel safe in their excess fat. That’s right, this material has the ability to fill the body, the contact with the skin is felt, it warms, it isolates from outer space; so it provides protection. Which makes it more difficult to lose weight.

From the emotional point of view, the obese person will not only feel better eating, but will come to think that he is safe from everything external that can cause him some harm. Therefore, if the individual wants to lose weight, it is very important that he first recognizes his emotional problems, accepts help and is willing to work hard for this goal.

Tips to decode overweight

Being clear about the reasons that can cause overweight or obesity, it is easier to see that in order to biologically decode this condition, we have to do more than just physical exercises and strict diets. The advice that most specialists give their patients is as follows:

– Observe your life. By looking carefully at each aspect of your life, you will have the ability to recognize what can cause you emotional damage

– Recognize the emotional conflict. By knowing what is doing you wrong, you will be able to get the tools to face it

– Accept that you have a problem and encourage yourself to get out of the emotional hole in which you find yourself

– Drive away negative thoughts. Believe in yourself, that you have the ability to overcome any obstacle. You can be better than you are right now

– Being well with yourself, with your thoughts, with your soul, will help you know how to choose your meals better. Although it can be a bit complicated, work hard and you will achieve it

– Surround yourself with positive people, who motivate you and make you see that the outside world is not as bad as you thought

– Of course, do physical activities, mostly outdoors. That they allow you to feel at peace, good with yourself and with everything that surrounds you.

biodecoding of anxiety about eating

Along with emotional problems comes anxiety. A silent enemy, but with a lot of power, that can lead us to take the wrong steps. Many times, not to mention what causes us pain, fear, anger or any other negative feeling, we choose to eat more.

To decode anxiety about eating, we have to follow the tips mentioned above. As well as, realizing that the solution is not to eat without stopping, but it is not to stop doing it either. Accept that you need professional help, seek it, do it for yourself. You deserve to be okay.