Biodecoding for hemorrhoids: what is it and what does it mean?

The hemorrhoids it is a physical aspect that can be very painful, but when they appear it is also good to check the emotional aspect. What does it mean emotionally to have hemorrhoids? the biodecoding can you cure her? In this article we will talk about everything you need to know.

Often those who suffer from hemorrhoids have many worries and anxieties. The good news is that the causes of this discomfort have a solution. But first, let’s look at some basic concepts to understand.

What is emotional biodecoding?

When you talk about the biodecoding we are talking about alternative medicine, what is sought is to get the metaphysical origin of diseases or the meaning they have emotionally, it is from there that the best way to heal is sought. The goal is not to replace other therapies or treatments, but to complement them.

The dictionary of biodecoding

What is known as the biodecoding dictionary is a list of diseases that affect the body and what each of them means. This means that it will be explained where it is and to which branch of alternative medicine it belongs, what its pathology is and it seeks to prevent its appearance through emotional control.

-Hemorrhoids: By definition hemorrhoids are varicose veins found in the rectum and upper rectum. They appear as pillow-like lumps, causing pain in the anus and bright-colored blood in the stool. These appear in the conflict repair stage.

External varicose veins, as we mentioned, are linked to contact and identity conflicts. The internal ones, on the other hand, are related to the conflicts of letting go of pieces and territory.

Can biodecoding cure hemorrhoids?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The raw answer is no. Biodecoding, psychoanalysis and psychosomatics reveal that your body and mind are a unit. And when there is an emotional conflict it makes evident what you are not aware of, that is why it manifests as physical symptoms.

What biodecoding seeks is to associate the symptoms of your illness with the emotional conflicts that are producing it. Conclusion? It is a tool to determine what conflict you are carrying.

How is biodecoding for hemorrhoids performed?

Biodecoding announces that hemorrhoids are an identity conflict. The ano-rectal zone will symbolize that place where a person settles, where he feels comfortable. People who have doubts about their identity, about recognition by others or live with an anger from the past, can be affected.

When hemorrhoids are bleeding, we speak of the mother figure. It is then that the nuances and feelings must be valued and taken into account, such as not being able to position oneself in life without the figure of the mother, without her presence or opinion. The inability to let go and attachment to childhood is presented once again.

Curing hemorrhoids involves becoming aware of what the emotional state is expressing. Over time, the repression of feelings becomes a carca that enlarges the problem. It is good to know that you do not have to force or demand to do something in order to relieve or neutralize a feeling of insecurity. It is advisable to learn to let go and have greater confidence. Express what you feel, accepting doubts and fears. Acknowledging unresolved conflict is a good first step toward change.

What is the relationship between biodecoding and lying?

As we discussed throughout this article, biodecoding will seek to reveal what remains repressed. It seeks to expose the lie that makes our body feel repressed and seeks to express what is really happening emotionally through the physical. All diseases of the human body can be biodecoded. Let’s look at other symptoms:

– Headache biodecoding: its origin can be multicausal. They can be caused by various factors ranging from constipation, stress, nervous tension to food intolerance, sexual dissatisfaction, excessive self-criticism, self-invalidation or fear.

– Biodecoding of the liver: these diseases are related to a problem of survival. The related conflicts are of lack: food, family, money.

– Biodecoding of obesity: You feel unprotected and afraid. These are the causes that originate overweight. Emotional or sexual deficiencies are compensated through food. Same loneliness, boredom, rejection, sadness.

– What does the left side mean in biodecoding?: The left side of the body is connected to the maternal, receptive, feminine aspect. Its counterpart connects with the masculine aspect, with the father, the outside.

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And do you also believe that diseases have to do with emotions? Tell us in the comments!

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