Beings of light in the fifth dimension: what are they and how to communicate with them?

Knowing about beings of light is one of the topics of interest among people who are becoming familiar with the fifth dimension. For this reason we tell you what are the beings of light in the fifth dimension and how to communicate.

Talking about beings of light obviously implies knowing in depth everything related to the fifth dimension. And to enter it, it is essential to master what is known as ascension, which requires some guidance and special attention.

What are beings of light?

Beings of light exist within the higher dimensional fields as pure energy. For the most part, beings of light are in the fifth dimension or higher dimensions. Normally, they are beings that have a very high energy. Its presence is quite similar to the solar energy that is found all around us.

There are times when beings of light from the fifth dimension can establish contact with human beings, to transmit information. The energy they possess has the ability to transmute eons of psychic layers into people in just a few seconds.

Where do the beings of light come from?

Those known as ascended masters are beings of light that are camouflaged. Some of them are currently present among people, taking a disguised human form. The siddhas could be taken as an example, or also the self-realized souls of the Himalayas.

These siddhas are timeless, eternal, and dimensionless, with the ability to live and die of their own volition. They have been meditating for hundreds of years, with the aim of raising the vibration of the earth, and are also known as ascension masters. There are approximately 215 siddhas located on planet Earth. They possess the power to materialize and dematerialize their body into light at will.

How is the manifestation of the beings of light?

The human being has the possibility of contacting beings of light of the fifth dimension or higher dimensions through the following techniques:

visits in dreams

One way to contact beings of light is through dreams. Being possible to make a call before sleeping, to be contacted by a being of light and allow it to manifest during sleep.


For the most part, meditation practices focus on increasing the frequency of vibration, in a delta state, the person can have access to beings of light of the fifth dimension.

astral travel

Another way to contact beings of light is through astral travel. During induced astral travel, the person intends to contact a being of astral light.

How do beings of light communicate?

A very intriguing fact about beings of light is the way they communicate. The main basis of interstellar communication is telepathy or thought transference. Beings from other planets also use telepathy as a means of communication. Keeping in mind that all higher dimensional beings live in an etheric way.

Likewise, etheric reality is the consciousness that exists in the fifth dimension or higher realms. On the other hand, on Earth, consciousness is condensed and observed as a physical reality. Within the third dimension, communication is written or heard. Whereas in the fifth dimension, communication is through the mind.

What are the types of beings of light?

When you talk about beings of light, you instantly think of an angelic being. An angelic figure that is made only of light, with bright and beautiful wings. However, there are different categories of light beings and angels are just one of them.


These are celestial beings of light that come from the Kingdom of Heaven, some of these travel to Earth to guide humanity. Others live their entire lives in heaven praising God. As is well known, the most common angels are the Archangels of the Bible.

There are those who claim that there are only 4 archangels (Gabriel, Miguel, Rafael and Uriel). Although others say that there are 7, 12 and even an infinite number of archangels. Another common class of angels that interact with humans are guardian angels. They usually show themselves when they protect people.

spiritual beings

These are beings that belong to the spiritual world, and are often souls of human beings who are sick. When you come to the afterlife, after having spent a lifetime loving God, there might be a chance to choose to become a guardian for loved ones still on Earth.

ascended masters

This is another of the categories of beings of light, and it has to do with people who excelled in love and compassion who had the opportunity to go to heaven. And there they became guardians of humanity, helping and sending knowledge. These teachers continue to send revelations that help humanity to get to where they are.


All humans are beings of light, and this is a philosophy that many people believe, apart from the fact that it has some biblical support. Since in the heart of each person radiates the divided light of God. Therefore, deep down, human beings are bright little lights. This light is the interior or soul itself, and at the moment death arrives, it is freed from the physical body, enjoying its habitual state of being.

What is the fifth dimension?

The fifth dimension is a dimension of light and is also one towards the thoughts of other beings. To move from the third dimension to the fifth, it is necessary to master the ascension, and for that you need a guide and special attention. Although the human being is in a certain way a celestial being, he is not always in charge of this process that involves moving from the third to the fifth dimension.

The true guardians of this process are the ascended masters Kuthumi and Sananda, who are on higher planes of existence. There is the awareness that a large part of the people want to reach the existential plane in which their ships are. They allow you to travel through the various dimensions, although for many there is a question about how to do it.

By raising consciousness, you have the opportunity to elaborate sublime thoughts and projections. Apart from that it has the possibility of moving minds to a higher level. If done correctly, one gains the ability to project through a tunnel of light. Or through a hole that is at the point of infinite space, which is known as the third dimension.

However, this is not a hole as you might imagine, but rather a doorway offering the opportunity to enter a deeper level of consciousness. Imagining that said door exists within the mind, moving towards it together with consciousness and entering through it. Getting the opportunity to walk the path to the light.

light in the fifth dimension

It is important to understand how light must be interacted with in the fifth dimension. The Arcturians have the ability to send a specific light, which can enter the third dimension and go to each person. Since the transformation energy has a basic scheme made up of a transmitter and a receiver. When energy is transmitted without a receiver, the circuit cannot be completed.

This energy that emanates from the fifth dimension is often sent to people in different ways. And one of these is usually in the form of waves of thoughts. Each individual possesses the ability to channel thoughts using telepathy. Something like this can be done through music, specific sounds or tones, painting, among other things.

Those who have the necessary experience have the possibility of transmitting that energy through their hands. Using it later as healing energy. It is important to note that everyone has the ability to send such healing energy. When dreaming, it is important to focus on concentrating with the light that belongs to the fifth dimension. Since in this way you can have access to the energy in question.


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