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The ultimate goal of all HR management processes in an organization is to eitherguide people’s behavior that make it up towards the efficient achievement of objectives established by the Directorate. To achieve the objectives of an organization, whatever they may be, it is necessary to establish the necessary management mechanisms to guide the decisions and actions of the people who comprise it, towards the realization of said objectives.

Through the training we offer in Barcelona activates free courses You will be able to acquire the necessary training related to human resource management and learn about the innovative techniques that are currently used in large companies. You will also be able to develop skills and techniques through which staff and employees will feel more motivated and therefore increase productivity.

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control nutrition in the world of sports it’s of vital importance if we want to have some good sports results and good performance and, what is more important, if we want to avoid injuries or health problems. Going to a dietitian-nutritionist can make a difference when it comes to achieving your sports goals or improving your lifestyle: a highly recommended investment in health. Through our training in Barcelona activates free courses you will be able to learn and know all the innovative techniques through them to expand your resistance in sports practice.

With our training related to nutrition and sports practice you will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Decreased risk of injury: by controlling the energy intake and the quality of the food that the athlete ingests, the risk of the athlete suffering some type of injury derived from a poor diet is substantially reduced.
  • Better recovery and sports performance: Knowing what to eat and when to eat it can mean the difference between being first in a race and being second… or suffering a drop in performance and ending up struggling not to finish last.
  • Maintaining an ideal weight: By controlling the diet, the athlete will have a much easier time maintaining their ideal weight throughout the competition, thus avoiding weight gains and losses that end up affecting their performance and their chances of success. In addition, it will allow you to be more consistent during the competition, which will give you more chances of obtaining a good result.
  • mental performance: almost as important as physical performance is the mental performance of an athlete, and a good diet can help the athlete maintain a high mood during competition and be more optimistic.
  • Impoverished physical performance: An athlete who eats food of low nutritional quality will undoubtedly see his sports performance impaired. Digestive problems such as acidity or heavy digestion can throw all the work of a year overboard at the end of the day. Poor nutritional planning can cause a drop in performance in the form of dehydration during competition, low glucose, fainting…

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The potty training and obedience are the basic training that the dog should receive. Sphincter control is essential for coexistence, although it requires patience and the use of appropriate training techniques during the first months of the dog’s life. In fact, the longer it takes, the longer and more complicated the process will be.

The other basic need is obedience training. Having an obedient dog is not only a pleasure, but it also gives a lot of peace of mind. A disobedient dog, on the other hand, is like a chronic headache. In this sense, it is convenient to start by teaching the dog the basic commands: sit down, come, let go, look at me, stay still, get up…

There are very well defined methodologies that allow to teach the dog successfully. We will see these orders in other articles. What they all have in common is that You have to be patient and reward all progress and correct execution with positive reinforcement..

Furthermore, all experts agree that it is not convenient to punish the dog when it does not respond appropriately to the command during the training phase. As with humans, dogs learn better with positive reinforcement achievements than recriminating failures with punishments.

With our training related to Barcelona activates free courses You will get to know all the techniques as well as tricks to carry out dog training playing with the importance that psychology gives to dog education. You can also know all the behaviors of the dog’s personality and how to act in each case. Among these behaviors are:

  • Aggressiveness: It can appear before people and/or animals. They usually growl for their toys or food, bite out of fear. If we don’t remedy it, these dogs can be socially rejected or can attack both humans and animals.
  • hyperactivity: we must distinguish it from happiness within normal limits. It consists of pounce on people or on us when entering the house, panting in an overexcited way or destroying by nibbling all kinds of elements within their reach.
  • pathological shyness: These are dogs that are totally blocked by an irrational fear. We will observe that the animal whimpers and hides and relaxation of the sphincters frequently appears. It may be due to external causes such as a traumatic experience, an incorrect socialization process or a fearful character secondary to genetic causes.
  • obsessions: our dog’s attention will be continuously focused on an element. It can be from his ball, to the reflection of the clock, through a laser light or the neighbor’s cat. We find the animal continuously tense and when it is faced with the stimulus neither the call of its owner, nor the food manages to distract it.

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