B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing: what it is, advantages and success stories

¿What is B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing? Today we are going to talk about these two concepts, their advantages and some success stories. A fundamental distinction when planning campaigns and being successful in our strategies. So that you have it very clear, we will explain to you Metrics for B2B marketing and B2C marketing, what they are and success stories.

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In this video we talk about the differences between B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing.

What is B2B Marketing

¿What is B2B Marketing? These are the acronyms for “business to business”, that is, from company to company. This type of marketing, therefore, It is the one that is not directed to the final consumer but to other companies, whether to sell them raw materials or other products they need (for example, office supplies). In business to business marketing, the customer is interested above all in optimizing their purchasing process. Normally the transactions have a greater value than in the consumer market. Due to these characteristics, B2B marketing is based on rational arguments. What matters is not the emotions, but the characteristics of the product or service.

The B2B market is “thirsty for knowledge” and wants information that is as complete as possible through formats such as videos, downloadables or catalogues. In short, it is about explaining the objective characteristics of the product in an extensive and detailed manner.

Metrics for B2B Marketing

The next question to solve is How to measure the success of b2b marketing campaigns. And it’s not an easy question: according to a recent MarketingProfs study, only 21% of marketers are able to measure the return on investment of their content campaigns. Are you already one of them? If not, we propose these five metrics to start measuring results in B2B Marketing:

  • Email opening rate. This metric focuses above all on knowing how good your headline is: have you managed to attract the attention of your main customers? If you use the same titles on your blog or website and in your emails, you can get an idea of ​​its success on all your platforms.
  • Shared on social networks. You have already managed to attract the attention of your target audience, but this is of no use if your content does not provide them with value. One of the ways to objectively measure the value you bring to your users is through the number of posts shared on social networks: if they are interested enough to share it, you are on the right track.
  • Output percentage. Your content not only has to provide value to your audience, it must also be related to the mission of your company. There is no point in having a highly successful post if users do not continue browsing your website, so it is worth finding out which pages have the highest bounce and which are the last ones visited before leaving.
  • Lead conversion. The next step is to convert the people who consume your content into potential customers. To do this, you need to convert them into leads and get them to leave their data, for example, in exchange for a free ebook.
  • Income. The definitive metric is that to measure the result of a marketing strategy it is essential to establish a connection with sales. Only then can we know the return on investment of our actions.

If you want to go deeper into this section, you can read the post –> 5 marketing metrics that you probably don’t know about.

Success story in B2B marketing: Volvo Trucks

In Volvo Trucks They set a very clear objective: to bet on content marketing and everything in a single format, video. The shot could have backfired, but in the end the strategy worked out great for them.

The truck division of this automotive brand launched the video at the end of 2014 Casino. In the first month, the original video got 3 million views.

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This brand is very committed to content in audiovisual format, since it previously carried out the Live Tests campaign, made up of 6 videos where boring technical characteristics of trucks are tested in an entertaining and fun way. The results were very positive:

  • More than 100 million views.
  • More than 8 million shares.
  • More than 20,000 articles published on audiovisuals.
  • A purchase intention of 50%. Since almost half of the truck drivers who watched the videos stated that the next time they bought a truck it would be Volvo.

Without a doubt, the star video of the series is the one titled The Epic Split with Van Damme. Which today has more than 88 million views. This shows that it can be done worldwide communication in B2B Marketing.

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B2B marketing success story: “Did you mean Mailchimp?”

Many of us have heard of Mailchimp or have we ever used this email marketing tool designed for small businesses and freelancers.

One of its latest digital campaigns was awarded the 2017 Cyber ​​Lions Grand Prix award thanks to its originality and being daring.

Mailchimp knew it didn’t have to push its brand name to the public anymore. The brand may have a somewhat strange name and may not be easy to remember and that is why users, when searching, made mistakes when typing the brand.

From the creative agency Drug5 They decided to use that brand weakness as an advantage. What if, instead of wanting to correct consumers in their writing, they were encouraged to misspell the brand name? Thus, with similar words typed in search engines, the predictive capacity of the engines could be used to direct them in the end towards the real brand.

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The campaign focused on a strange lineup of very intriguing digital experiences with names that sounded a lot like MailChimp.

  • MailShrimp. Short film about talking seafood sandwiches that will soon be seen in theaters.
  • WhaleSynth. A musical application that allows you to create whale songs.
  • NailChamp. An online competing company, but for nails.
  • KaleLimp, JailBlimp, VeilHymn, FailChips, SnailPrimp, MaleCrimp, …

Every time someone searched for these words, they landed on the brand with this name, which then ended up redirecting them to MailChimp. I encourage you to try searching for these words on Google and discover the strange things you can come across.

Check out MailShrimp’s fun video!

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What is B2C Marketing

¿What is B2C Marketing? On the other hand, we have the Business to Consumer Marketing, where the actions are always directed to the final consumer. The result of this is that The rational no longer prevails, but the emotional factor is the most important thing. In general, sales in the B2C market are lower value and more impulsive. The consumer does not give as much importance to the objective characteristics of the product, but rather to what it brings to his life or what it makes him feel. Therefore, in this type of marketing communication is more creative, subjective and emotional.

Metrics for B2C Marketing

How can we measure the success of our B2C marketing campaigns? These 4 key metrics are a good place to start:

  • Conversion rate. This metric tells you how many of your website visitors have finally become customers, so it puts you on track to know the quality of your traffic. In the B2B world, with much longer sales cycles, the conversion to leads is usually measured, but here the process is faster and more direct.
  • Critical steps required for conversion. If you want to improve your income, you will need to know the “path” that leads your visitors to become customers. How many steps are necessary from discovering your brand to making the first purchase? How can you make each of them easier for them?
  • Acquisition cost. Or, in other words, how much you need to invest to get a new customer. Logically, the lower this amount, the higher the profit margin.
  • Brand awareness. One of the most important metrics for B2C marketers is also one of the most difficult to measure. How many people know your brand? And even more, what do you think of her? Although there is no universal indicator of brand awareness, you can control this metric by tracking data such as Google searches, visits to your website, mentions on social networks, opinion sites, Google Alerts or online and offline surveys. .

Another interesting article on this topic is 5 marketing metrics that you probably don’t know about (Pill 2).

Success story B2C Marketing: Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation

At we have worked with different B2C companies. One of our success stories is the campaign we did for Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation. The actions carried out were:

  • Position the new website in search engines
  • Increase website visits
  • Create and energize communities on different social networks
  • Create and grow subscriber database
  • Provide coverage to promotional initiatives and corporate social responsibility campaigns

The results Finals were very positive:

  • Organic positioning is the fourth source of visits on the web
  • The number of keywords in the TOP 10 has increased.
  • Monthly visits to the site from Spain are around 5,500, with an average CTR of 0.21%. And from France there are about 5,400 visits per month, with an average CTR of 0.32%.
  • The Facebook communities were opened in May 2014 and today they have 8,489 followers in Spain and 6,310 in France.
  • With email marketing campaigns, more than 10,000…