Australia promotes a law that prohibits growing food

As announced by various sources, in the last few hours the Australian Prime Minister, Dan Andrewsproposed a law that prohibits the population from growing their own food.

As they stated, the project is within the framework of the Farm Bill of 2022 and has passed its second reading in Parliament. In line with the aforementioned, the main objective is to preserve biosecurity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO): “Biosafety is a strategic and integrated approach to analyze and manage relevant risks to human, animal and plant life and health and the associated risks to the environment. It is based on recognition of critical linkages between sectors and the potential for threats to move within and between sectors with system-wide consequences.”


If the legislation is passed, authorities would be in a position to expand the powers of law enforcement, search property and people without a warrant, and thus increase fines from $1,800 to $10,000 in case of providing false information.

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That said, they stated that authorized officials will no longer need the owner’s consent to remove samples, livestock and documents. In this way they will not be required to present an official identification and they have been notified that severe penalties will be applied for obstructing access to their land.


We are in times where food production is subject to agribusiness, so factors such as land concentration, clearing, monoculture, transgenic seeds and the massive use of agrochemicals cause irreparable damage.

It is imperative to note that this model goes against ecology, the environment and communities in general!

Food sovereignty requires active intervention by the State, materialized in public policies in which sustainable modes of production prevail.

Finally, this new ordinance is intended to prohibit the cultivation of food by small producers and in this line we believe that there is precisely a paradox that makes it clear how corporate interests prevail over environmental issues and the lives of all species.

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