Australia Day 2022: When is it and how is it celebrated?

Around the world we can find countries that are very different from each other and some of them, although they are known to everyone, the reality is that not much is known about them. That is what happens with Australia, a country that many people sometimes confuse with Oceania, which is the continent to which it is part or which is believed to be part of the Asian continent, but the only reality is that Australia is the most large of its continents.

Australia Day 2022

As we have already told you before, Australia is a very unknown country and that is due, above all, to its remoteness and that is that we could affirm that it is on the other side of the world and that is true, since Australia is at the antipodes of Spain.

English is spoken in Australia, but you can find some areas in the interior of the country where some Aboriginal tribes still live, who were the ones who settled in those lands before they were invaded, and who continue to communicate with their natural language.

It can also be a surprising country because it is one of the countries with the most unique and rare flora and fauna compared to the rest of the world, where we can find marsupials, lizards that walk on water or some of the largest birds of the world than coming directly from the extinct dinosaurs.

And not only that, but it is a country with a very advanced culture, not only because of everything that represents its past, but also because they are aware of the nature that surrounds them. One of the clearest examples is the great care that they have and that they try to transmit to the rest of the world about the sea and the species that live in it, in fact the Great Barrier Reef is the best example in the world of the wealth of corals and fish that live in it and thanks to it.

Australia Day 2022: when is it

The facts that we are going to tell you are historical facts and the first thing we should know is that the day Australia was founded was January 1, 1901, which in turn coincided with the celebration of the New Year. Due to this, and looking for a day that would mark such an important event on the calendar, it was decided to choose the January 26 as Australia Day, because it was on that day, in the year 1788, when the first British ship, led by Captain Arthur Philip, landed in the city of Sydney. That is why a part of the Australian flag is located on the flag of the United Kingdom.

In the year 2022, Australia Day falls on a Wednesday.

Although we must take into account that this day is not indisputable, since the aborigines, therefore the authentic Australian natives have been living in these lands for a period close to 60,000 years, and seeing so many celebrations not only see it with skepticism, but they feel pain for everything that their ancestors suffered and that has no value now. It was they who decided to renamed that day in 1988 as “Invasion Day”. And it is that there are so many tribes, that during the last 100 years, from different places they have tried to claim that day or at least that it not be celebrated on that established date.

Australia Day 2022: how it is celebrated

For Australians, January 26 is not just another day, but the day they were able to proclaim themselves free, which is why there are many ways to celebrate it.

In many cities, especially those with a larger population, they hold some events that combine the beginning of the new year and this holiday, for example some of the surfing championships. Keep in mind that although it is winter for us, they are enjoying their day there in the middle of summer. You can also find excursions that cover the most important areas for the liberation of Australia, although of course that depends on each city.

But if there are some more important festivals and celebrations, those are the ones related to ships. In the city of Sydney, the largest in the country, this date is celebrated with a great parade of boats near the Bay Bridge, in which there will also be concerts and presentations by all kinds of artists with the goal at the end of this day to choose the most beautiful and imposing boats in the parade.

To end the night, the Australians next to their great flag sing the australian National Anthem, called Advance Australia Fair by the harbour.

On this day there are a series of events that, in addition to being official, are very traditional, such as the delivery of the Order of Australia and the appointment of the Australian of the Yearwhich refers to an Australian who has managed to teach good values ​​and some of his traditions to the whole world and the objective of these two acts is to pay great tribute to people who are proud and show it to be Australians .