Aura and its colors: know what is the meaning of each of them

Although many people do not believe it, the aura exists and can be visualized in various colors that have a specific meaning. Depending on the color that the aura shows, the emotions are totally different, so it is important to know its color. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply certain methods that will allow the color to be identified and, of course, its meaning. Know what the aura is, the methods to discover it and the meaning of its colors.

Aura what does it mean and how to know what color it is

The word “aura” comes from the Greek “aer” whose translation into Spanish is “breeze” and it is a term with various interpretations. In the first place, it is defined as a sensation of light or brightness that any person can radiate. This is possible to perceive at the moment when the perception of what surrounds us changes completely.

This brightness is totally immaterial, which means that before the human eye it can become imperceptible. The aura surrounds the person’s body as if it were a kind of electromagnetic field impossible to notice without applying the necessary methods.

On the other hand, each person has a different aura, that is, this irradiation will never be the same in two or more individuals. This is because the aura and its colors vary from person to person, as personality and emotions are different.

In other words, this imperceptible flash has the ability to manifest a bit of a person’s physical and emotional information. This is carried out once the aura meaning colors radiating from an individual has been identified, said information is transmitted through the soul.

However, since the aura cannot be noticed just by looking at it, it is necessary to apply certain methods. These procedures are essential not only to see the aura, but also to know what color it is. In this way, it is possible to obtain information about the nature of any individual.

What are the methods to identify the color of the aura?

Since ancient times, the existence of the aura was already known by a large part of humanity. In many places different terms were used to define the meaning aura and its colors. However, there were very few who could see the aura and know its color and meaning.

Today, it is possible to achieve this by performing various procedures that allow you to visualize your own aura. The methods that will be shown below are essential to discover the aura meaning colors of the luminous field that surrounds us.

mirror method

It is a fairly simple technique that consists of using a mirror to visualize the color of the aura. However, to achieve this it is necessary to carry out certain steps that we will show below.

– The most important thing to perform this technique is to have a mirror, this must have at least one square meter. In addition, it is very important to carry out this method in a quiet and, above all, comfortable room.

– Now, the next thing will be to stand in front of the mirror, either sitting in a comfortable chair or on some cushions on the floor.

– The next thing is to close your eyes and at the same time, start a series of slow and deep breaths. The main objective is to achieve a state of relaxation by leaving out unnecessary thoughts. Focusing on your breath is paramount, so inhale and then exhale slowly and deeply. Importantly, the breathing exercise should span at least five minutes, but no more than that.

– After reaching total relaxation, the eyes are slowly opened paying attention to the reflection of the face projected by the mirror. It is essential to keep your gaze fixed on a single point of the face, without forgetting to break the state of relaxation.

– After a few minutes you will see a slight glow of a certain color in the reflection of the mirror. However, this is only achieved when the concentration has reached the maximum point.

You may not be able to see the color of the aura on the first few attempts, as achieving a maximum state of concentration is not that easy. However, do not be discouraged, the important thing is to practice what is necessary to be able to see the aura that means something important to the human being.

numerology method

Another way to identify the color of the aura is through the method of numerology, known to be a pseudoscience. This makes use of the relationship of numbers with the aim of finding an explanation between living beings, the material and the spiritual.

Carrying out the numerology method is not complicated at all, in fact, it is easier than the previous one. The goal is to find a number that matches the letters that make up your name, this is done in alphabetical order. In other words, the letter “A” corresponds to the number “1” while the “B” becomes the number “2” and so on.

Once the sum of all the digits corresponding to the letters of your name is obtained, the result is added together. The idea is to obtain a single digit that will represent the color of the aura, since it can be represented in numbers.

To understand it better, pay attention to the following example:

In case your name is Ana, the numerology would be 1+14+1, since the letter “A” corresponds to the number “1” and the “N” to “14”. The sum of these digits yields 16 as a result, this in turn must be added together, that is, 1 + 6 which is equal to 7. When it comes to the aura meaning colors, it is important to keep in mind that each color represents a number. In this sense, the numbers according to the different colors of the aura are:

  • one: red
  • two: orange
  • three: yellow
  • four: green
  • five: blue
  • Six: purple
  • Seven: pink
  • eight: silver
  • Nine: gold

What is the meaning of the colors of the aura?

Many people are curious about a topic as interesting as the aura that its color means. In this case, if you have already carried out any of the previous methods and you already know what the color of your aura is, now you just need to know the meaning of each one.


People who have a red aura usually have strong and very dominant personalities. It is not in all cases, but in a large part of these, they have a presence that can attract a lot of attention from others. Individuals with red auras are not afraid of anything, since their courage stands out above all things. In addition, they are very passionate and maintain a great balance between the physical and mental parts.


The orange color in the auras represents the harmony of the mind and the body, coming to form a great personality. Individuals with this type of aura are usually very positive, they are always cheerful and, above all, they show great loyalty towards those closest to them. They never reject a challenge no matter how difficult it is, since these people give everything for everything.


The personality of people who have yellow auras is quite pleasant, they are fun, creative and also very confident. Their physical attractiveness is really remarkable and as if that were not enough, they are very intelligent with great intuition. These people can maintain control of the emotional part, being a characteristic that allows them to make the best decisions.


This color represents the balance between the spiritual and the emotional part, people who have green auras show a lot of coherence in their words and actions. For this reason, it is difficult for them to accept the opinions of other people, however they are very loyal. Besides, they are loving and love to give affection without expecting something in return. However, they tend to collapse in strong situations such as the loss of a family member or close friend.


Normally, blue auras manifest in those people who easily adapt to any situation. They are intelligent, sincere, say things bluntly, have a great sense of responsibility and are patient. When they cannot express their ideas, they tend to block themselves, so they become stressed and introverted.


A very typical aura in calm and wise people who have great gifts in the artistic part. In addition to being generous, they are quite affectionate and affectionate with those around them, they are intellectual and know how to analyze any situation very well.


In general, individuals who have pink auras tend to behave in a modest and, at the same time, refined manner. Their personality is more mystical compared to the others and they prefer to lead a quiet life in a pleasant and healthy environment.


A color linked to strong and protective personalities, however, they tend to be distrustful at times. People with this shine are very loyal and have great creativity that can be quite useful in any field.


Considered by specialists as one of the most powerful auras compared to the rest. This color represents success, it usually manifests itself in people who are made to lead and guide others. In addition, their energy is completely pure and very few individuals can radiate this brightness in their aura.