Astral Chart: what the 12th House represents and the passage of the planets through this position

About the natal chart, what is the 12th house, we must bear in mind that it is a house that represents the place of spirituality in your life. But it is also the representation of mistakes made in the past. Due to this, with respect to the birth chart, we will tell you what the 12th house represents and the passage of the planets through this position.

Regarding the natal chart, what is the 12th house, it is here that the journey through the astrological houses ends. Within this path, the Self acquired substance and form. He matured, knows how to relate to others, meditates on the existence of life and dedicates himself to a greater good. So, in the 12th house, the Self leaves the individuality and returns to the collective whole.

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What is the 12th house?

Within the study of astrology, the 12th house has to do with the unconscious, introspection and periods of meditation. Like past lives, hidden weakness, potential, empathy, undiscovered enemies, and loneliness.

Similarly, it encompasses insecurities and complexes, the collective unconscious, spiritual peace, family secrets. Also the archetypes, exile, sacrifice, intuition, seclusion, mysticism and long-term illnesses.

How is the passage of the planets in the 12th house?

When talking about the 12th house in the natal chart, it is necessary to understand that the passage of the planets influences the development of this house. Therefore, every one of them has a representation and we detail it below.

Sun in the 12th house

The complexity of this position is observed in the ambivalence that exists between the totality of the being and the ego. The Sun tries to manifest his identity and being in the 12th house, invites him to place it at the service of something that is greater, and has to do with the transpersonal experience. There may be an unconscious fear of being lost in what cannot be understood. As well as to dissolve in confusion, to be filled with feelings and lose the ability to reason.

In reference to the birth chart, what is the 12th house, the challenge with the Sun is to give the opportunity to connect the conscious dimension with the unconscious. Natives like these may feel special. Service experiences allow the strength of delivery to be discovered. As well as empathy, compassion and generosity to understand that you are unique like everyone else.

Moon in the 12th house

It has a hypersensitive nature, perhaps people with the moon in the 12th house are very easily moved and are a sponge of the emissions that surround them. Something like this can cause you to develop a fairly strong dependency on someone and this may arouse mixed feelings.

So, when talking about the natal chart, what is the 12th house, you have to keep in mind that you must find your own strength by facing only challenges and fears. Vitality and personal security grow through healthy boundaries placed in relationships.

Mercury in the 12th house

For the natal chart what is the 12th house, it is a situation that endows people with quite intuitive thinking and a rich imagination. You have the feeling that words are not enough to express yourself adequately. There is a negative part, and it is that these people can easily become confused, giving truth to things that are not true. Learning symbolic languages ​​helps to discover other dimensions of truth.

Venus in the 12th house

Venus, with respect to the 12th house, is where the archetype of the priestess is found. Living love from the desire to merge with the divine and the unlimited. The mystical, the sexual, and the physical intertwine, so it could cause confusion. The idea of ​​making various sacrifices for love may resonate, and if so, a balance needs to be struck between giving and receiving.

Mars in the 12th house

Having freedom is an indispensable value, it is not just an idea. It is possible to tend to flee or also to make the person become the target of projection of violence by others. Or that anger is inadvertently projected onto other people. In any of the cases, it is of great importance to sublimate said force.

Some of the ways to do this are sports activities or any kind of activity that needs practice and perseverance to achieve a skill. Where it is possible to surpass oneself. If you manage to overcome fears and be aware of insecurities, this strength becomes independence and freedom.

Jupiter in the 12th house

People with Jupiter in the 12th house in their birth chart may experience a strong longing to become a guru, or to get a teacher. A person who transmits reliable and definitive truth. Regarding the natal chart, which is the 12th house, interest in the spiritual world enhances meditation, humility and interested service towards others.

Being selfless is a beautiful quality, as long as you keep in mind that wisdom is not something that can be passed on. But it is definitely discovered and developed within each one. Meaning and significance are not found in something external, as it exists within.

Saturn in the 12th house

Responsibility is an idea that could lead to obsession. Both by feeling responsible for everything, and by waiting for someone to take responsibility for what is happening. When Saturn is in the 12th house in the birth chart, he is loaded with the idea that achievements, efficiency and productivity are essential for survival, thinking that with will it is possible to achieve everything.

Having a feeling of emptiness or silence is something very uncomfortable and that is where the idea of ​​disappearing appears, because life represents too much. This gives a certain tendency to isolation, thinking that it is the only way to live in peace. It may be healing to seek the root of these mandates in the ancestors to detach from them and open the way to happiness.

Uranus in the 12th house

There is a theme of uniqueness and freedom that is played unconsciously, but strongly. Diversity is of great importance, respecting one’s own uniqueness and that of all those who feel different. This is positive if you can explore new perspectives in the sense of belonging, and fight for minorities.

However, it is also possible to feel a deep existential pain for feeling that you do not belong to the world or that you cannot find the tribe that shares the same code. Because of this, if you feel insecure, you may want to lose yourself in the crowd, matching others. Despite this, the singularity stands out. Being the key to connect with creativity and originality without having to turn them off.


It is a planet that has qualities that are analogous to the 12th house, so all its qualities will be intensified. There is a connection with what is further from reason and this is unavoidable, so it can cause a lot of confusion. The limits are dissolved, then it could be that it polarizes in the opposite extreme and that is skepticism.

Either by way of skeptical denialism or by exaggerated magical thinking, escape routes must be sought that allow reality to be evaded as it presents itself. It is very important to understand that in this way the emotional overflow and insecurities only increase.

Pluto in the 12th house

Faced with the feeling that life has a destructive power, the fear of being fully alive appears. When the sacrifice is not achieved, it can crystallize into victimization. Vitality and pain, life and death, go together, so it is not a divine punishment.

Living suffering or inflicting suffering is something that is found in every being. So, delving into knowledge, disciplines, therapies, tools and practices that enhance it, is a great learning path. That once it is transited it can be put at the service of others


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