As a child, she was chosen “the most beautiful girl in the world”: as an adult, she lives a nightmare

She, as a child, was chosen “the most beautiful girl in the world”: as an adult, she lives a nightmare. Now, she has to deal with several health problems. Apparently, this is due to serious problems with ovarian cysts.

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Her full name is Thylane Léna-Rose Blondeau.

She was born in 2001, being the daughter of two personalities: former soccer player Patrick Blondeau and fashion designer Veronika Loubry. As a young girl, she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine and was charmed by her beauty.

A few months ago, several comments were made on social networks about how the most beautiful girl in the world looks after 16 years of her iconic photo. Many remember her and want to know that she has been part of her life.

However, the news is not so positive. Certainly, Thylane managed to do modeling work. But, at the age of twenty, she must face the routine of the operating room and various body pains that torment her.

Source: Instagram thylaneblondeau

A health issue without a correct initial diagnosis

This caused his problem to become more complicated. Apparently, she has presented severe problems in his ovaries. The consequence of a bad detection has been that they have to face several operations.

She has commented on what happened on her social networks. She claimed that she had an emergency operation, due to an ovarian cyst that burst in her stomach. After the operation, everything seemed to be going well.

Three months later, however, his stomach hurt again. He visited several gynecologists, who told him it was nothing serious. However, his pain increased until it became truly unbearable.

Finally, they had to operate on her again in an emergency. At that time, they detected a new cyst: with a diameter of 5.6 centimeters. In addition, an immediate intervention was necessary.

The situation was serious: if they did not operate on her, she would lose her ovary. For this reason, all the paperwork was done for Thylane Blondeau to enter the operating room. All this story was commented by herself, on Instagram.

Source: Instagram: @thylaneblondeau

Lots of support from his mother.

We already mentioned that Thylane Blondeau is the daughter of fashion designer Veronika Loubry. She has been her best support. She has told her the right words to motivate her during operations. She always accompanying her.

For now, the one who was the most beautiful girl in the world seems to have come out of the operation without problems. However, she is in the post-operative phase. She remains to wait for the results, wishing that she does not suffer from intense pain again.

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Have you seen the face of Thylane Blondeau? Her face was very popular, because as a child she had a very unusual beauty. Her destiny, now, has her in the midst of complex health circumstances.