Are you a highly sensitive person? Answer these questions to find out

The concept of Highly Sensitive People, also known as Highly Sensitive People (HSP), was coined by the American psychologist Elaine Aron in 1975. The idea arises from seeing that many people have a different emotionality than the average, and yet, they do not have no psychological problem.

These types of people are, in reality, ordinary people, and they are not always introverts. However, they are immediately recognizable by one trait: they empathize with their surroundings much more than the average.

Therefore, everything that happens in their life affects them a lot, and understanding that it is a special personality characteristic can help them to be more and better understood.

Highly Sensitive People: what are their characteristics

It is possible that if there is a highly sensitive person in your environment, you will discover it right away. You will notice by how he interacts with his surroundings.

It is that these people have a super sensitivity to the environment. Therefore, they are able to immediately notice if someone is not feeling well, for example. Or if something is wrong in the environment.

Many times it is believed that they are super intuitive, but in reality it is that they perceive small changes in the environment that others do not notice. That is why they can also be especially sensitive to stimuli.

Intense lights, very loud sounds or rough textures on the body especially annoy them. In addition, they may feel uncomfortable in crowded places, preferring to work alone rather than in a team. If they are asked to do too many things at once, they can get overwhelmed.

How to know if you are a Highly Sensitive Person

If reading the above you have thought that perhaps you are an PAS, you can check it by answering some simple questions, specially prepared for it.

Read the following statements and count how many you feel identified with:

  1. I am affected by the behavior of others.
  2. I have the feeling of being aware of very subtle things in my environment.
  3. I am usually very sensitive to pain.
  4. On busy days, I often have the urge to withdraw, to lie on my bed, find a darkened room, or any other place where I can find some calm and relief from stimulation.
  5. I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.
  6. I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or police or ambulance sirens.
  7. Loud noises make me feel uncomfortable.
  8. I have a rich and complex inner life, I give a lot of thought to things.
  9. I am deeply moved by the arts or music.
  10. I am very conscientious.
  11. I get scared easily.
  12. I get overwhelmed when I have too many things to do in a short time.
  13. When someone is uncomfortable in a physical environment, I usually know what needs to be done to make them feel more comfortable (such as changing the lighting or the seats).
  14. It annoys me when others expect me to do too many things at once.
  15. I try very hard not to make mistakes or forget something.
  16. I tend to avoid violent movies and violent series on television.
  17. I find the activation caused by the hustle and bustle around me unpleasant.
  18. Changes in life shock me (moving, changing jobs, separation, birth, death…)
  19. I usually perceive and enjoy the good essences, flavors, sounds and works of art.
  20. It is very important to me to arrange my life in such a way that I can avoid disturbing or overwhelming situations.
  21. When I have to compete or be observed performing a task, I get so nervous and insecure that I end up doing worse than I could.
  22. When I was a child, my parents or my teachers used to see me as a sensitive or shy person.

If you have identified with more than 15 statements, then there is a good chance that you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

I’m PAS: Now what?

Did you just discover that you are highly sensitive? Good for it! The best thing that can happen to you is knowing who you are.

But now you must be wondering what is done with this. Actually, the most important thing is already done, which is to know that the way you usually feel is simply a trait of your personality and that there is nothing wrong with it. It is not a disease nor do you have psychological problems.

Now, you must accept it without guilt, and without judging yourself. Do you need a moment for yourself? Don’t hesitate to take it. Don’t you feel like attending that event where there will be a lot of people? Well don’t go!

Many times HSPs force themselves to go against their nature, because they feel that it is not right. But being the way you are is perfect!

So all that remains is for you to learn to take care of yourself and let your personality flow in all its splendor.

How about? Do you think you are a highly sensitive person? Tell us!


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