Are you a fatphobic? Answer these questions and you will know

Fatphobia could be defined as the feeling of rejection or discomfort towards overweight people. It leads to discriminate against and value these people, especially if they are women.

Being overweight is clearly not recommended if we take into account the state of health, but the obsession of a society where the ideal of beauty is linked to extreme thinness has intensified stereotypes and discrimination. Being something socially accepted, we may not even question it; and we have “fat-phobic” attitudes even with ourselves.

Answer these questions and find out how “fatphobic” you are. The list corresponds mostly to a project called “We Lover Size”, a digital project in which “size is the least important and self-esteem, the most”.

1. Do you think obesity is simply a matter of “willpower”?

2. Do you think someone with a pretty face would be even more so if they lost a little?

3. Do you think that a fat person has to give thanks because their partner loves them “just the way they are”?

4. Do you give advice to lose weight to someone who has not asked you for it?

5. Do you compliment people because they are thinner?

6. Do you compare yourself to the bodies you see on Instagram or in advertisements?

7. Do you advise your friends to wear or not to wear certain clothes because they make them look more or less fat?

8. Do you think fat women shouldn’t wear bikinis or tops because it doesn’t look good?

9. Do you think that taking care of yourself is the same as just having a slim body?

10. Would you advise someone overweight to wear dark clothes?

Let’s break with prejudices! Being healthy is not simply a matter of size.

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