Archangel or angel: how are they different?

The vast majority of people have heard the words archangel or angel, or at least you’ve read about them somewhere. Even those subjects who come from religious families are likely to have even been assigned a guardian angel at birth.

However, it is rarely clear what each one refers to exactly. Archangel or angel: are they the same? What is their meaning? What can be asked of them? Know everything in the following article.

Although questions about archangel or angel They are usually related to religion, since they appear in most of them, there are many people who are interested in these issues since they have to do with the energies and help that can be obtained from the universe.

Everyone focuses on some issue to get out of difficult situations and find a solution to their problems: some in religion, others in friends or family, there are those who find it in disciplines such as reiki, meditation or astrology and others in some archangel.

Be that as it may, it never hurts to learn about these topics that help people to focus their energies, and achieve the tasks, desires and projects, as well as leave conflicts behind.

Archangel or angel: differences

Although the two terms archangel or angel, are known by the majority of the population in any country in the world, the truth is that they are still little-known divinities by people, and there is little information available about them.

However, according to history, there are some data that can be taken into account when talking about each of them, taken from the Bible and the various sacred books.

In principle, it is necessary to emphasize that they are usually listed nine choirs or angelic orders. Every three choirs, a different hierarchy is constituted, within which the superiors make the inferiors participate in their knowledge. In this sense, it can be mentioned:

  • Supreme Hierarchy: Made up of seraphim, cherubim and thrones.

  • Middle Hierarchy: within which dominations, virtues and powers can be mentioned.

  • Lower Hierarchy: in this category are the principalities, archangels and angels, which today are of special interest for the article.

In this way, already taking into account these hierarchies, it can be said that archangels or angels correspond to the lowest hierarchy of the angelic choirs. As the story goes, angels cannot be seen by humans although, on some occasions, with the intervention of God, they have been able to materialize.

The main difference that can be determined is that the archangel is a higher category than angels. However, both are angels but with different missions. Let’s see a little more what this is about.

The word Angel refers to the messengers of god, and this term is often used to talk about those guardian angels. These they are not usually recognized by their names as is the case with archangelsamong which the best known are the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

These figures are spiritual beings, immortal, endowed with intelligence and will, created by the free will of God. Their mission is to be his messengers, respond to requests and worship him, as well as take care of men.

As mentioned, while they are both angels, the archangel has a higher rank, although the two correspond to the lower hierarchy. His word has the prefix “arc”, which means chief or principal, so it could be said that he is a messenger but principal of God.

archangels too they receive the most important messages that need to be delivered to humans. For example, one can mention archangel Gabriel who was in charge of giving the news to Mary, that she was pregnant with the son of God. They are God’s assistants, serving him directly, to fulfill his special requests.

In short, it could be said that without both are messengers of God, the angel is there to supervise and guide humans, while the archangel is the guardian of humans and protects them from different problems that may afflict them.

Even though there are various archangels, there are seven of the best known because it is said that there is one of them for each day of the week and for a specific problem. Among them we can mention Gabriel, Miguel, Rafael, Jophiel, Uriel, Zadkiel and Chamuel.

Those who invoke their assistance should take this into account, and light a candle of the color that represents them. Others, for example, only keep in mind that problem or topic that occupies them and imagine it wrapped in a paper of the color that represents the archangel and pray for his help.

Obviously, this will depend on each one, but these are simple examples that can be taken into account when requesting their protection and care.

Archangels mentioned in the Bible

As mentioned earlier there are many archangels that exist in history, but only three are mentioned in the encyclical or at least the most mentioned in the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman religion.

Archangel Michael

Saint Michael the Archangel, is another of those who appears in the Bible. His name means “who is like God” and this is because he is one of the greatest among all the gods. archangels. He is known as the prince who cast Satan and the angels who followed him out of heaven. For this reason in most of the images of him he appears fighting against the demon, even stepping on it on some occasions.

Your mission is exactly destroy evil and help the power of God always triumph. He is the one who invites us to recognize his power over all things. In this context, it is not unreasonable to invoke it before dangerous and even unfair situations.

The day of this archangel is Sunday, so it will be ideal to pray to him on this day and the colors that represent him are red and blue, so a candle of each color should be lit, one for strength and the other for justice, respectively.


The name in Hebrew means “God is strong” or “strength of God”. He figures as God’s spokesman to fulfill his special missions and is always related to good news.

It is often asked to be able to clearly communicate thoughts to acquaintances, family and friends and avoid harming people. The day of this archangel is Wednesday, for those who want to invoke his help they must pray to him on that day and light a white candle to ask for help and a pink one for feelings and family.

Archangel Raphael

The story tells that he was in charge of healing the earth, after the battle against the fallen angels. His name means “Medicine of God”, so he is known as the Archangel of health personnel, hospitals and the healer of the body and soul. Likewise, As he had a fundamental role in the life of the prophet Tobias, since he was the one who guided him along the way, he is also considered the archangel of travelers by land and sea.

The corresponding day of the week is Thursday and its color is green, so it will be ideal to light a candle of that color.

Furthermore, among the seven archangels more well-known archangel Jophiel can be mentioned, who is summoned to purify thoughts and take care of the soul; his day is Monday and his colors are yellow and orange; the archangel Chamuel, who is asked for the couple, the job and the lost objects. His color is pink and his day is Tuesday.

Also, the archangel Uriel, is asked for the clarity of thoughts, his day is Saturday and the color is gold; and the archangel Zadkiel, he is usually invoked to release emotions, his colors are violet and pink and his day is Sunday.

You already know what is referred to when speaking of archangel or angel. Have you invoked any of them in the face of any conflict?

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