Agrippa and Maecenas: two counselors of Augustus –

Augustfounder of the principality of Romewas undoubtedly one of the most popular figures in the history of ancient Rome. He was born in times of crisis and lived through the murder of Julius Caesar. With great intelligence, he knew how to establish a new political regime and ended the civil wars, with the simplicity and austerity that always characterized him.

Image Sebastian Bergmann

But next to this glorious figure, there are two more people, two inseparable friends who constantly followed the shadow of August: agrippa Y Patronthe two advisers to the Emperor.

Marcus Vespasian Agrippa He was a renowned military man who stayed with Augustus from the year 45, at the age of 18. The confidence that the emperor had in himself was reflected in the union of his daughter Julia the Elder with your close friend. agrippa sent to build the Pantheon of Rome and after his death Augustus was in charge of reading the funeral speech.

Secondly, Patron He was a faithful companion and moral support of Augustespecially during the civil war. Despite being so allied, they were of antagonistic personalities, since Patron he used to adorn himself with jewels and fine silks and used to live at the disposal of his own image. Beyond this, Patron was a cultured man of literary gifts, surrounded by renowned poets such as Virgil, Horace Y Propertium. His influence waned in 23 BC, and he withdrew from public life altogether.