Aflorart, the venture that turns tires into restored furniture

Aylin Martínez is 34 years old, she is a mother and lives in the town of Las Vertientes, in San José de Maipo. During her life she has worked in different modalities, in offices, at her house and she even started studying psychology and design, but she realized that none of these activities made her feel fulfilled.

In search of doing an activity that he really liked, he decided, he found the world of upholstery. This is how, 8 years ago, he began to visit master upholsterers, who taught him his first knowledge in the workshop.

“It changed my life and my house, I devoted myself to the manufacture and upholstery of armchairs in the traditional way, coming to create my own style and technique,” Aylin recalls. However, as time went on he began to feel the need for his work to be a contribution to the environment.

“I was realizing the number of old armchairs and all kinds thrown in the streets. This impressed me and led me to work and dedicate myself to restoration of armchairs old. Those that ranged from family memories, to some collected from the street, ”says Aylin.

And, while walking the streets in search of raw material for his upholstery workshop, he realized the amount of dumped tires they had and began to take an interest in them. That’s when she wondered “what happens when the useful life of these ends?”.

In Chile, 140,000 tons of tires are generated per year, and of this total only 17% is recycled, which means that 83% is not being recycled. Many of them end up dumped in vacant lots, others in landfills, some illegal and some are even burned, causing enormous pollution.

It is at this moment that it is born aflorartan enterprise that recycles used tires and transforms them into furniture for the home.

Among the main characteristics of the furniture aflorart is your great durability, thanks to the materials they are made of, which in its highest percentage is natural rubber, and can last 500 years to degrade. “This cool property is what got me excited about working with the tire. This way I can use them as a base for the creation of a great variety of furniture designs and models, using my upholstery knowledge and techniques” he says Aylin.

Among the products that are available in aflorart there are armchairs, seats of various styles, beds and armchairs for pets.

aflorart It has filled my soul, I feel that each chair is a piece of me. I am proud to be a woman, to follow my passion and be a contribution to the planet, our big house. In addition to continuing to overcome old prejudices against women, and especially those who work in trades where tools that used to be used only by men are used”.


This initiative is part of #ReaccionaPorelClima, a program that Re-Acciona por el Clima is a citizen meeting program promoted by the European Union, the Ministry of the Environment and FiiS, the International Festival of Social Innovation with the purpose of turning people into protagonists of action against climate change, acting from the local to have a global impact, through learning, participation and collaboration.

If you’re looking for a panorama these days. Here we tell you shortly about the next events of Re-Acciona por el Clima:

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-Climate events on carbon neutrality and circular economy: they will be broadcast by CNN Chile and

-Free Film Festival: it can be found at the eurocinema for the Climate from January 8 to 17.

-Closing event: it will be on January 22 within the framework of the Congress of the Future in Chile.

#ReactForTheClimate It already has 1,900 sustainable projects, belonging to entrepreneurs, community organizations, companies, among others. We invite you to see the initiatives added to this great network and be part of it.