A Wisconsin farmer plants more than 2 million sunflowers

This is a farmer from Wisconsin, who has taken this job very seriously. With great patience, he planted more than 2 million sunflowers. An incredible amount that shows the great effort and will of him!

It is a philanthropic work, since this man only states that he does it to help make people happier, in these hard times of pandemic. An activity that we should all applaud.

His name is Scott Thompson and he lives in Kenosha County.

Thompson descendant of a family that already adds 70 years, and several generations, dedicated to agriculture. On her land, she usually harvests strawberries (in the summer time), as well as raspberries and pumpkins (in the autumn period).

However, during this 2020 plunged into the pandemic, Thompson has taken a turn and has been willing to plant sunflowers. In the first instance, the yellow color of these flowers has created beautiful landscapes that attract walkers to distract themselves in the midst of the pandemic.

It has also been able to get some economic benefit. It is known of the many sunflower seed uses, which allows it to be easily marketed.

Other flowers have also been planted in Wisconsin

Noting the good reception of his initiative, Thompson has also cultivated several places with wildflowers. The result? Now, there is a splendid butterfly show taking to the skies. A true invocation to nature!

The locals have found a way to get through their days. The coronavirus and its bad news are somewhat relegated. In addition, it has been a fantastic opportunity to rediscover the beauty of nature.

This is how these fields of sunflowers have given this farmer a good reputation. He has made people happy in his county. It has not been an easy task. And it is that planting more than 2 million sunflowers is not something that is achieved overnight.

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Many initiatives linked to replanting in the world

Similar stories are repeated in many places. Such is the case of Mexican farmers planted 500 thousand trees and plan to reach 5 million. Likewise, in Indonesia a man recovers the forests by planting trees on his island.

We must not forget that plants not only give beauty to our environment. Likewise, they are necessary for the balance in the atmosphere: they consume CO2 and release oxygen. Therefore, we must always keep them in mind as something necessary.

What else can we do for the planet? Well, the idea is to recover our communion with nature. Perhaps, this pandemic will teach us to return to that harmony with nature. This is how this global health situation can have its positive side.


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