A smart mini-housing for students

These mini-houses were designed by Tengbom Architects. They are respectful with the environment and intelligent in terms of design. In collaboration with students from the University of Lund, they tried to create a space that, in 10 square meters, would be capable of containing the essentials to solve the basic needs of its inhabitants. .Its interior features a kitchenette with fold-down shelving, storage cabinets, and tabletop.The “smart home” is constructed from locally sourced cross-laminated timber, and features a space-efficient design, reducing of the typical average rent by 50%, as well as the ecological impact and carbon footprint of its construction. Also a small bathroom and a mezzanine for sleeping, which is accessed through small steps of wood fixed to the wall. The mini-dwelling is on display at the Virserum Art Museum, Sweden. It is expected that in 2014, 22 units will be available for student habitation.Photography: © Bertil Hertzberg Sources:http://ambientesdigital.com/http://www.tengbom.se/http://www.dezeen.com/http://www.designboom.com/

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