A self-taught Argentine devised a solar heating system for swimming pools

Diego Revello, from Villa María, Córdoba (Argentina), is a self-taught person who created a solar thermal energy system that allows him to heat the water in his swimming pool. Its development is much cheaper than the commercial ones. The water comes out of the bottom of the pool propelled by a pump through a pipe through which it goes up to the ceiling, where there are 370 meters of black polyethylene pipe, a color that absorbs more the heat. The water circulates there at a rate of 1,200 liters per hour, heating up by the effect of the sun to return to the pool. Thus, it is kept at approximately 30°C. In addition, he added a board to regulate the operating time of the solar heater.

“We managed to make it about six degrees warmer, which allows it to have the right temperature so that you don’t get cold when you go in to take a dip, but still enough to cool off”Revello explained. The Cordovan works at the Banco de Córdoba, where he is in charge of customer service. Since his job is very stressful for her, when he returns home she relaxes in his workshop. There he entertains himself doing things for the house that he can enjoy with his family.

It cost him $12,000 to install, while the solar-powered HVAC systems cost around $45,000. There are also gas boilers and other options that run on non-renewable energy, which are a bit cheaper. Revello thinks the system could also be used to heat domestic water. For now, he thinks of improving his invention with a probe that activates when the temperature reaches three degrees. This would allow the water to circulate and not freeze.Sources:A self-taught neighbor managed to develop a solar thermal energy system to heat the water in his poolNovel solar heater “made in”? Villa Maria

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