A legendary stone containing a curse was broken in Japan

The news arrives that a stone that, according to Japanese mythology, had a demon imprisoned, is split in two. This rock is located at the foot of the volcanic mountains of Nasu, in Japanese geography.

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The stone was called Sessho-seki

It is believed that whoever touches the stone would be doomed to die, so she always kept a little distance from people. Also, that stone was the petrified corpse of a Japanese maiden named Tamamo-no-Mae.

In Japanese culture, a spirit that had rivaled the woman was hidden inside the rock; possessing it and staying inside that rocky object. That demon is cunning, trickster and very smart to deceive.

Apparently, keeping that demon imprisoned in the rock prevented it from doing its thing. He was able to shapeshift, as well as deceive and cause people to have friction by causing misunderstandings and ill will.

Source: Utagawa Kuniyoshi print (19th century).

The rock appeared broken in half

For many years, this rock was kept tied with a rope. The intention was to prevent it from being stolen or the rock “going away on its own”. However, the rains and erosion seem to have damaged it.

Much is speculated about this rock in Japan. It is even said that a long time ago a Buddhist monk performed a ritual similar to an “exorcism”, making the spirit leave the stone; but this story has not been corroborated.

Of course, the news and the speculations did not take long to spread. The famous “Nine-Tailed Fox” is a devious and evil spirit in Japanese folklore. His cunning for deception confuses people.

It is believed that this demon has the particular ability to possess women, managing to use them to intrigue men and society in general. In addition, he likes to possess beautiful and seductive women.

Source: Network One

A rather peculiar demon

In Japanese mythology, it is said that he manages to capture women and uses them to seduce men; always with dubious intentions. A possessed woman can change her facial features, making them similar to a fox.

The devil likes to foment jealousy, rivalry and betrayal. It is believed that, in ancient times, he managed to cause wars and foster mistrust between warriors, thanks to his tricks and his supernatural ability to intrigue.

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What do you think of this story? Did you know about the “Nine-Tailed Fox”? The truth is that the stone was broken right in the middle, which arouses many comments.