A Dutch company created the first avocado cheese

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like avocado? Probably, but many people agree that its combination of flavor, texture and nutrition is unbeatable.

But what would happen if someone decided to create a combination of cheese, one of the favorite dairy products of many, and avocado? How would she know? What would its texture be? Well, thanks to the Dutch Daily Diary company, we no longer have to live the rest of our lives with that mystery.

The Dutch cheese company recently launched a product called Amanti Guacamole, which promises to be the taste experience of guacamole with the texture of Gouda cheese. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking aspects of your new product is its strange pale green color.

Hybrid of cheese and guacamole

The product description explains that it is “a unique 50% cow fat Dutch cheese with herbs, available in wheels and pieces.” And, obviously, it also contains avocado.

Supposedly, it tastes like Gouda-style hard cheese and includes avocados, lemon juice, chili, tomato onion and garlic. It is made to be served in chunks, or melted into a nacho sauce.

This unusual-looking cheese was launched in the United States through the supermarket chain The Fresh Market, and went viral as soon as the news was announced. Additionally, Daily Dairy produces a wide range of Dutch cheeses in different flavorslike wasabi, green pesto, mixed peppers, garlic, and more.

The avocado comprises the fourth most important tropical fruit in the world according to its production and market volume. Its popularity has allowed it to be an ingredient in many innovative recipes and products. on amazon, 200 grams of Amanti Guacamole costs 10 dollars.

And you, would you like to try this unusual flavor of cheese?



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