A dog pretends to faint because he doesn’t want his nails trimmed

In case you had any doubts, this story will show you that dogs are highly intelligent animals, and hilarious when they make an effort.

No one likes getting their nails trimmed, but the dog in Twitter user @Rashona’s video takes things to the next level.

As you can see in the video, when the owner is about to cut her nails, her pet doesn’t like the idea very much and decides to pretend to pass out to avoid it. In a performance worthy of a canine Oscar, she slowly drops to the ground and rolls onto her back with her eyes open, as if to save herself from discomfort.

The response from Internet users was immediate, and the video has accumulated more than 6 million views in a few days. Many of the users responded by sharing similar stories about their dogs. Others used GIFs and other animations applauding the dog for his performance. One of them stated that “Meryl Streep would be proud”:

There were also those who claimed that pit bulls have always had the best personalities.

What do you think of this dog’s performance? Does your pet react in a similar way when you go to cut its nails?


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