9 Resources That Will Save You On Your Next Social (And Photographic) Engagement

Celebrations of any kind for anyone who has become “the family photographer”, have ceased to be a more or less relaxed and idle event, to become an act that carries a responsibility (dear or imposed) from which it is difficult to escape. And although the stress scale varies depending on the weight of the social event to which we have been kindly invited (our mother’s birthday is not the same as our best friend’s wedding), the truth is that we must be properly prepared to avoid blunders.

And because as we know what it is, because we have been through it (and continue to go through it), because wherever we go people hide their cameras and phones and tell us: Better do them yourself, they will be better for you and so they disregard the subject, leaving you with even more pressure on you… As we know what is going on, as we empathize with you every second, we dedicate ourselves to writing this series of articles from our experience to try to help you in these moments as magical as they are stressful. social events.


While any event is important because time slips away and doesn’t come back, tempus fugit What would our predecessors say, weddings are THE EVENT par excellence. It is in them where people have probably dedicated more hours, effort and surely money, of all the events that will happen throughout their lives. And it is when you are invited to one not only as a dear friend but as a photographer when you see life pass before your eyes in fast motion. But don’t lose heart, you’re not alone, here are a few tips that will help you emerge victorious from your best friend’s wedding, your neighbor’s, your cousin’s, everything that comes your way.



Do not miss these spectacular and inspiring wedding photographs.

If you are left wanting more…


They can become as stressful as any wedding, especially if there is a subsequent celebration, banquet and the entire celebration pack. But you’re in luck, here are a few tips for you to go stress-free to your next baptism :-).

children’s birthday

They are usually the most friendly and fun environments, so the stress level decreases quite a bit, although not our own demands, of course ;-).


All parties have elements in common, here are a few tips that will help you for most parties and social events you are invited to :-).

And finally…

Social events will require more than one, two and three group photos. Don’t despair, all the tricks you need are in this article.

So far our selection ;-). The next time you are awarded the honor of photographing any type of event, take a deep breath, take a look at the articles that we have recommended, and for that, you will surely do great ;-).

I hope it has been useful to you. If so, please share it on your favorite social network. Thank you and see you soon :-).